Military Intelligence = Oxymoron? Not any more?

This morning I came across a great example a skill evasion technique used by the “military politician”.  Whether Major General Orme is a secret student of nlp or whether he just has the existing skill to use a “secret – sleight of mouth” technique – we may never know.

The article by Jamie Walker in The Australian discussion followed that Australian Soldiers are paid reasonably for fighting overseas.  They get more that the US and way more than the poms.  I think they are all underpaid.   Anyway the interview proceeded to the question:

Would heavier Australian casualties in Afghanistan affect recruitment rates?

His answer   “It’s a reasonable question to ask, but I think…  it’s in the space of the political dimension which is probably beyond my gift to respond to.”

I rather think that Major General Orme has the gift of rather good control of his “political space”.  If he is either training in NLP or simply has otherwise obtained a model that allows him to escape a potentially  ‘messy’ question – then perhaps we need to look out for a new breed of soldier politicians.  How many US Generals became President?

It might be a great idea to give our journo’s some training as well – it would make for some delightful interviews.

Have a great weekend.


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