#1 About Townsville Business Builder & Coach James Hooper

Townsville Business Builder and Coach James Hooper

Townsville Business Builder and Coach James Hooper

Townsville is a fantastic place to live and work from.  My children go to a great school, and the amenities here are generally excellent.

In the last few years it has become clear to me that my training and experience has given me  ability to “point out the invisible.”  Because of the general nature of things it is difficult for us to see both the ‘close in view’, and the ‘bigger, broader view’.   We can get caught up in the minute details of things – and forget all about the big picture – until we get a reminder which is usually unpleasant.  Similarly we can go so broad that we cannot see to get simple things done.

This is natural as were are designed that way.  We cannot be ‘in the experience’ and ‘planning’ it at the same time.  We have to ‘change hats’.  Having someone on your team to review activities from a different perspective is what I do well.

I help you learn to ‘change hats’ easily, and also gently point out the invisible things to you when you are wearing the wrong hat.  A slightly humorous version of this is when you are in a hole – stop digging – look up and around – and choose an activity that will take you where you want to go.

Napoleon Hill tells us that Success is the getting what you want without harming others.  And that Power is organized knowledge applied intelligently.  These two short sentences hold the key to success in business and life.

If you don’t have a picture or idea of what success looks like for you in each role that you hold – then you will be unable to ‘intelligently’ apply power to the filling of those roles.  Because ‘intelligently’ demands that there is a purpose for your action.  And that completion of the activity moves you toward ‘success’ in each of your roles.

If you don’t know the purpose of your actions – what you are intending to achieve – then how can you apply leverage to find a better way?

Simply – our goals are best created as part of  the strategic activity to give us what we want in each role that we fill in life.  Completing goals without a higher level structure will feel ‘purposeless’, and can give us the ‘why bother’ feeling.

Have you ever thought about goals like that before?  Would it be easier to do the things that need doing if you were more clear on what that achievement would do for you?  ie you have a good reason to get it done?

We run seminars and coaching programs to help you get what you want from your businesses.  Whether that is to get more out of them, or to get out of them by selling them profitably.