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Welcome to our Townsville business coaching and mentoring site.

“Seminar” comes from the Greek for “Seed Plot”.   It has evolved in the last few centuries to mean a place where we learn or get ideas.   My purpose, both on this site and in my other work, is to introduces ideas (seeds) that when developed allow changes in thinking to produce changes in lives.

I strive to find ideas, techniques, processes, systems and words that when viewed in hindsight make us wonder how we missed seeing them before.

Townsville Business Coaching and Mentor

Coaching Can Make The Invisible Visible

It may be as simple as thinking about Marketing in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), or it may be the realization that the deliberate absence of goals and plans to achieve them is a definition of “victimhood” and powerlessness.

Your first step as a visitor here is to join my list so that I can communicate with you, and you with me.  You can do this in the box with the big gold dollar sign to the right.  Just fill in your details.  The correspondence you will receive will incite thinking and ideas that will be directly applicable to your business and life.

I collect models, tools, strategies and tactics in several fields consistently.  The Business Builders Letter is the place to join our community of business owners who know there is always an improvement, a better way, and have the desire to have the use of it.

I have a limited number of  Coaching Program Spaces available at any one time, and you are welcome to contact me to find out more.  Be aware that my coaching program is not for everyone, but is awesome for those it does suit.   Call me on 0410 326 525 if you are open to discussion about my programs.

When you join the Townsville Business Builders – you will receive some joining gifts.  And then sporadic newsletters.  There will be also invitations to events in Townsville, as well as notifications of events that I endorse in other cities.  You do not need to live in Townsville to be a member.

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James Hooper

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