We Gotta Get Out of this Place, If It’s The Last Thing We Ever Do

The Angels said.

I don't wanna face the day, the day, today.

Take a long line.  

What do you do on those days when it feels like the universe is just messing with you? 

When the mouse on your computer becomes possessed with the irritated spirit of a thrash metal fanatic - and dances all over your screen reliving glory days in the mosh pit of some melody-starved metal classic?

When the neighbours from land of "no clue at all how to train a dog" in the "truly slow learners" province decide to get a puppy with powerful lungs, then leave it tied up so that it can cry out at the perfect pitch to completely unruffle your calmness feathers?

When you find the audio course that would help bring back your mental chill, and you discover that Apple really does hate its customers, ensuring that no amount of thoughtful methodology, or googling to find the reason your iphone will not admit you are the master and allow you to put in the library - ever...  No matter what posture or apopleptic colour you make your face glow.

Sure - I know that I have the power to choose my state.  But why does the universe have to niggle me with such precisely created barbs in a ​potent combination of intrusive thuggery?

Of course you know that the "why" question can simply embed the unwanted state that birthed it into a reinforced bunker of self delusion that makes it harder to evict.  So - if you enter the house of "the world is against me" - make it a short visit...   Do not seek to extend your stay by seeking further proof that the world is truly against you - as this is concrete on your feet as you sleep with the fishes.

Here is one of the tools I use to break out of the asylum (or into it - depending on your headspace at the time).  Consider this:

In practically all religions and spiritual models - each of us is considered to be both part of the world (external view) and all of the world (internal view).  I will talk about this in the future (if I get bored enough) - but just for now try on the story that you are in the world, and the world in you.  Don't worry - it will make sense in a moment.

Because you have a foot in both camps - there is a simple rule:  The world is your friend if you are friendly with yourself.  (as you are both in the world and the world is in  you).  Now - having ground our way to this point  -  if you are at odds with the world - then you are at odds with yourself.  If you make the world your enemy, you fight only yourself.

That is pretty dumb behaviour, right?  Beating yourself up by raging or fighting or defending against the world?  Give yourself an uppercut, then stop it!

It becomes pretty dumb for me to throw bricks at Apple for the itunes interface.  Or to elevate an angry finger at the inept BMW driver who is either ignorant or ignoring of the rules of the road...  After a few minutes of viewing the world from this fictional location (because it is all fiction in our heards - a story we sometimes dream is true and become fully underwater in the "reality" of it.) - from this location our battles with ourself become funny.

At that point, I become released from the shackles that hold me in the house of self delusion that is creating my imaginary horrors - and I befriend myself, and the world again becomes my friend.  

Give it a whirl.  Let me know how you go, by posting below.


About the Author Business Coach James Hooper

Townsville based James Hooper: The term “rainmaker” is becoming regularly used in business context as someone whose role is to ‘make rain’ or ‘create growth’ in your business. In some senses the term ‘business coach’ is limiting as it is primarily about optimizing the effectiveness of the owner/operator. Sometimes the leverage is in the business systems rather than in the operator – and focus on that produces the preferred outcomes.

Business is a game, a puzzle, a tool to get you what you want in life. Call me for a second opinion (other than yours) on how to make your business give you what you want it to.

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