Townsville Business Owners – Why Do 68% of Customers Leave You?

Attention Townsville Business Owners!

The American Society of Quality Control Says….

You may probably have heard of this study.  I have not been able to find the original source – but it has been on the internet since 1997 – so it must be true.  And it sounds plausible.

I know that the reasons that I often leave businesses or change suppliers here in Townsville with money still burning in my wallet- wanting to be spent – do match pretty well.

Here we go:

1. Customer was turned away by the indifferent attitude of a company employee (68 percent)

2. Customer was dissatisfied with the product (14 percent)

3. Customer was lured away by competition (9 percent)

4. Customer was influenced by a friend to go elsewhere (5 percent)

5. Customer moves away (3 percent)

6. Death of the customer (1 percent)

Customer Service Townsville

Perceived Indifference?

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James Hooper

Ps Does perceived indifference exist in Townsville stores and businesses?  In your business?

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