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Over the last few months I have been testing the Trident Confidential Report.   Each Wednesday an email comes with a great review of what is happening in the markets around the world plus a listing of the the current recommended portfolio.

Last year (2009)  their returns were over 113%, and over 40% so far this year.  As you know – I have had a massive “SKEPTICAL” filter super glued to the inside of my eyelids for some time now.    While I do not reject many things outright – I “take them for checking”.

Townsville Investors Can Do Property or Shares or Both

In the last 4 months I have done the absolute minimum using the info in the weekly letter.  About 20 mins per week – but remember I am a fast reader.  The rules are simple – buy the shares suggested at below the prices suggested, set a stop loss sell order at certain % less than your buy price, and then when in profits have a trailing stop loss sell order.

That sounds a little complicated – but if you are serious about investing in shares – you need to educate on risk reduction using stop losses.  It is easy, and the Trident people have a great “Exactly How To Do It” manual.

So – Townsville investors, how have I done with the system?

As of today I am up 18.1% since May 2010 plus some dividends.  I think the Australian Market overall is about even over the same time.  This is buying only Australian stocks – and the return would have been higher if I have traded US as well.  Oh well.

I contacted Monika Ruoff at Trident this morning to find out the best way for Townsville investors to visit them.  Monika is the Marketing Manager and suggested that anyone who puts “hooper” in the comment box when you sign up will get an extra month added to their subscription.   (And yes – I will also get some extra time added on to my subscription for referring you to them.)  Regardless of whether you take the free month – I am impressed with Trident.

Before I give you the link to their site – let’s just go over the reason you are in business (and if you are not why you should be!)  The major purpose of your business in your wealth zone is to generate money for you to invest.  Nothing can beat the annual returns of a decently run business – but putting your money into assets that appreciate (and give you dividends) while you get depreciation benefits is in my opinion the most predictable way to wealth.

If your business is not making sufficient returns for you to be investing – then you may be missing something obvious – and you had better call me.  Business success is not about being bright or being lucky.  It is about doing at least the minimum of the right things.   There is a secret list of stuff that must be done – and it is hidden in about a zillion books and courses.  OK – I am kidding – it is not secret.

It is more like there was one week at school where the basics for business success were taught – the things that MUST get done for predictable success – and that one week was just before the holidays and no one paid attention.    The terrible statistics on business failure show that lack of basic education on business essentials is the KEY cause.  And that doing JUST ONE BUSINESS  COURSE OF ANY KIND or READING EVEN ONE BUSINESS BOOK decreases your chance of failure massively.  (from the Dunn & Bradstreet Study).

An obvious example is the absence of any kind of written cashflow forecasting tool in about 90% of small to medium businesses.  Get my version of a cashflow forecasting tool by subscribing to my newsletter right now if you dont have one.    And – if you dont have enough customers read this:  The Secret to Making a lot of money in business – PREDICTABLY.

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OK – Trident Confidential go to  Get the free Report on where you should be investing right now.  Or just subscribe.  It is $799 a year.  Obviously everything you do is at your own risk.  Of course it some cases not doing something has a bigger risk.   Get an extra month subscription by putting “hooper” in the comments box.


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Townsville based James Hooper: The term "rainmaker" is becoming regularly used in business context as someone whose role is to 'make rain' or 'create growth' in your business. In some senses the term 'business coach' is limiting as it is primarily about optimizing the effectiveness of the owner/operator. Sometimes the leverage is in the business systems rather than in the operator - and focus on that produces the preferred outcomes. Business is a game, a puzzle, a tool to get you what you want in life. Call me for a second opinion (other than yours) on how to make your business give you what you want it to.