Did You Get Paid For Your Story?

It seems that the wave of people wishing to be paid speakers is building again.  The idea of appearing on stage for either a huge fee or being able to drive people to run to the rear of the room to buy your products – is infectious.

Can “normal” people actually achieve this?

The answer is of course is that people can do whatever they are capable of.   And becoming capable of something – apart from physical shortcomings [eg not tall enough to play NBL, tone deafness can slow your career as a singer, etc.] – becoming capable is a decision.

So you want to become a highly paid speaker, travel the world, have audiences clamouring for more….

Well then – decide to become capable.

Um – ok – then what?

Then learn about modelling.  Not the skinny, strangely dressed runway type modelling – but rather finding someone who can already do what you want to be capable of – who is willing to let you “model” them.  Then be prepared for the potential mental pain of sucking at it at first.

It is the same as learning to walk.  You are going to fall down – but each time you fall you become closer to your goal – providing you both pay attention AND keep at it.

A few weeks ago I went to a very powerful seminar on paid speaking by Joanna Martin.  Jo is an ex-doctor, who worked with the speaking business of an NLP powerhouse.  And she clearly knows the power of modelling.  Were it not for a heavy duty prior commitment I would have paid the several thousand dollars for her workshop – and been there with bells on.  And I am already paid speaker.  There is always more – and someone worth modelling to give great jumps in capability.

The other training that has  me rivetted to my screen is Brendon Burchard.   He is a truly potent speaker, and collects testimonials from people like Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul [seriously], and Brian Tracy.

Naturally he has produced an online course that allows us to model him from the comfort of our homes –  which works for me.  I like to click the “replay” button when working on my skills.  I also like to run the training videos at about 1.7 times normal speed – which you can do in Windows Media Player.

I am impressed – and like all great modern marketers he gives away really wonderful content before letting the content bring people to purchase more of his material and training.

You can get the free awesome content from Brendon Burchard.  You have to give your email – but it is worth it.   You may also find yourself moving easily toward purchasing his entire package – if you are serious about modelling your way to becoming a powerhouse paid speaker.

Be well

James Hooper

Townsville Business Coach

About the Author Business Coach James Hooper

Townsville based James Hooper: The term "rainmaker" is becoming regularly used in business context as someone whose role is to 'make rain' or 'create growth' in your business. In some senses the term 'business coach' is limiting as it is primarily about optimizing the effectiveness of the owner/operator. Sometimes the leverage is in the business systems rather than in the operator - and focus on that produces the preferred outcomes. Business is a game, a puzzle, a tool to get you what you want in life. Call me for a second opinion (other than yours) on how to make your business give you what you want it to.

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