Elephants in the room...

“Show Me The Money!!!!”

“In Less Than 46 Minutes I Will Find AT LEAST $50,000 in Additional Recurring Revenue For Your Business…”

And perhaps 10 times more than that.  Do you want more sales revenue?  And do you want to get that revenue without having to do a thousand more hours of work?  And you are already overwhelmed with your list – be assured the answer to better results is NOT putting more things on your list.  It is the opposite.

Chances are that you have a marketing “to-do list”.  You have to figure out social media (FB, Twitter, and God knows what else).  Your website that cost you a bundle does not produce many good leads – so you have to figure that out too.  Your pricing has not changed since 2012, even though you get cost increases all the time.  Your sales rep (if you have one for long) is not producing and either needs decent training or replacement (but better the devil you know – right?)

You are bombarded with “advice” from reps selling radio, TV, online YP, magazines, flyers, and stuff you have no idea about – like “apps” and video marketing, and SEO and Adwords and FB Ads.   You “know” deep down that you need to do something – but nothing ever seems to work well.  Your sales may be flat or decreasing – and you might be blaming the economy or the mining downturn or the weather or the Aussie dollar.

I don’t want you to  call me.  First I want you to watch a video about mistakes.

The marketing mistakes you are making are crippling your business and your life.  There is a video available below that shows you the 3 Biggest Lead Generation Marketing Mistakes – And How To Fix Them.

I am a big fan of the 80/20 principle.  It saves me a ton of work.  And it will save you.  Let’s just say that after you have watched this video you will agree with me that the people guiding you, and claiming to be “marketing experts” have no clue.  None.

They have been teaching the very worst way to get leads, to convert them and to make a decent profit.

You know the stats on business failure – depending on where you look – about 90% fail within 5 years.  And those 90% are all getting their marketing guidance from the same places – and it is WRONG.  Does that make sense?

If you could discover the 3 biggest mistakes that golfers of your level make – and you fixed those errors – would your golf game take off?  Hell yes!  Your first step is therefore to fill in the form and watch the Mistakes video.  Do this now – because even it you do nothing else you just leapfrogged most of your competitors.  (Don’t call me and ask what is in the video – it wastes my time, and yours.  You will want to watch it twice.)

After that we can have some fun if you want.  When you complete the form – it will take you immediately to the video page.  Come back to this page after you have watched it.


Email Marketing You Can Trust

After you watch the video, when you are ready – you can enquire about the “Find at least $10k in an hour” that I do.  Or not – you can have a red hot go at making your marketing give you some money.  Once you get the idea – you can do it.

Before I go any further I want to talk about elephants.  Because there are some Elephants in the room for business advisors.

If You Are Considering Getting Some “Expert” Help With Making Your Business Generate Some Cash – Talk About The Elephants in The Room First

Elephants in the room...


Sometimes business advisors call themselves business coaches.  I am one of them – have been since 2001.  Back then, no one really knew what a business coach was.  Now you can do a weekend course, or buy a franchise, and you are one.   Maybe a good one, maybe not.  Depends what you know.

First Rule of Elephant:   Does your prospective advisor know what the heck he/she is talking about?   You can tell a little bit about skills and experience by what they charge.  Just like going to an apprentice hairdresser – sometimes the amount you pay is not the biggest cost.  This year I have decided to move away a little from the systems development that is essential to all business success – and add in more focus on the simple target of making businesses much, much more profitable.

Yes, you will go through some growing stress, and I can guide you on that – but I love the thrill of big increases in the money piles.

So – as of 2016, results from my programs are guaranteed.  Yes – you will have an increase in profits of at least 5x the cost of any of my ongoing programs or you will get your investment back.  Some of you may qualify for a 10x version.

Second Rule of Elephant:  Confidence.  For the fast 15 years I have stayed with charging reasonable “fees”.  This meant that not everyone could afford to work with me.  I liked the fees model, as it was simple and great value for everyone.  Now it is time for a change.

My new model of working with business owners is to back myself and you to get results.  As an option I offer some business owners the chance to pay a lower upfront fee, and to share the increased profits that are generated.  This means that when the businesses take off – I am well paid – and you don’t care.  This also allows smaller businesses to take advantage of the methods I use.

Third Rule of Elephant:    In the old days, there was a slowness around.  There was time to teach, and learn, and then to get things done.

That is no longer the case.  As a coach or strategist – I do not have the time (or patience anymore) to teach you carefully all the things you need to know, BEFORE you can do them.  The new rule is that top advisors have an education system that delivers both the fundamentals and the fine detail to you.

I guide you to learn the right material in the right order, you think about it, and then I help you get it implemented in your business.

Sometimes you can get your team to learn it from the education resources – awesome!  But it gets implemented – and then we make more profit.

The top coach/advisor now must have an extensive library of powerful knowledge that is online, and available to you.  My library is considered to be the most potent in the world in terms of getting results.


Well, that is likely enough for you to be curious about my programs.  Obviously, you can tell I don’t like to work too hard – so very limited spaces available for my top level coaching.   Having said that – with my wide range of programs means that you can get educated and get your profits rocketing no matter when you talk to me.

I have found that people are ready to buy, or are getting ready to buy.  Think about this for your business.  The information and processes you want when you are ready is very different to when you only “getting ready”.   When a lead comes to YOUR business – find out where they are in their decision process – (eg ready or getting ready) – and give them a great experience.   If you can get your sales team to understand just this little gem – they will thank you with all their hearts as their commissions (and your profits) race to the roof.

You may also qualify for a $5k scholarship for business development.

Whether you are ready or just getting ready – you can use form below I will contact you by phone to arrange a time for your $10k session.

It has been lovely chatting with you – have a groovy day.

James J Hooper

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