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Do You Just Want A Solid, Predictable Flow of Good Leads That Have Been "Pre-Positioned" To Trust Your Business And Already Know The Advantages of Working With You?  Is That Too Much To Ask For?


The answer is NOT just a pretty new website or a fancy social media campaign.  The answer IS to get your marketing organized so that the message you deliver on your webpage or brochure of FB or even TV is compelling and powerful.  Once you have your message clear - the choices of how to use it on all media becomes simple and easy.  Most businesses are just throwing stuff and hoping it will "stick" to some potential customers...

The goal of your marketing is not just to have a brand presence, or to look great, or to be "famous" or "top of mind".  The goal of your marketing is to make you rich.  And this will not usually happen unless you are organized.

If you are going to be in business, there is ONE simple strategic driver which can guide through the mazes that face you:  It is to create the systems that will allow you to DOMINATE your chosen markets, now and into the future...

You want to sustainably and profitably crush your opposition, and OWN your market segments.  If you cannot - then you must redefine or choose other markets.  Or you will suffer the sad fate of "most" small to medium businesses - and struggle until you close or sell for a pittance.

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James Hooper - Marketing Advisor Townsville

James Hooper

About the Author

My entrepreneurial journey started in 1968, when I made a deal with our next door neighbour to buy all her chokos, that were thriving from being right in her chook yard for 20 cents each.  I coerced my father to stock them in our supermarkets - bought from me at a price of 30 cents each - and retailed for 60 cents each.  We did this for several years.

Now my focus on the "strategic" elements of marketing, which when correctly applied - and put the tactical tools (like websites, sales scripts, offers and targeting) into a powerful overdrive mode.  They just work better.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

James makes the concept of strategic marketing simple, and profitable.  It means I focus on the right areas of my business and not waste my time.

Jean Dunne
John Doe UI/UX Designer

We had done pretty well before, but James added several gears to our growth.  Now it is easy to decide where to focus in our business, and where the best returns are.  It is also easier to create great marketing once the basics are in place.

Shawn Telangh