Change Your Story and Drop Your Fears

Did you ever get into the rut where you and “your story” were completely different?

Where you were living a story, that you felt disconnected to – but could not stop acting as your story “demanded”?

Napoleon Hill taught about the concept of ‘accurate thinking’.   About our human habit of getting caught up in the story, and then the stories about stories.

Deming taught about the pointlessness of trying to change an outcome or results directly. “What was the process??!”

And then thus move focus to making changes in the processes that created the undesired results.

It is too late to change what already is.

We can alter how we give meaning to what is – but if your belly is layered with extra fat, or your bank balance looking too skinny – your goal can be to alter how it will be in the future.  Or it can be to play with your stories so you “feel better about it”.   And the stories with their inbuilt excuses, blaming, shaming and guilt – are attractive.

Because they allow us to retain our fear, the fear that protects us.

I watched a movies last weekend by Will Smith. “After Earth”.  In it he tells us that fear is completely imaginary.  That we create it in our minds – and we allow it.  That imagined story then makes our bodies produce physical changes – including pheromones (scents).

In the movie, an alien monster has been introduced that can only find you by smelling your fear pheromones. It then kills you.

In the midst of a battle with the monster, as he is about to die, Smith’s character becomes calm, still, centred, and accepting.  His fear dries up, he becomes invisible to the monster, and slays it.

During the film he explains that fear and danger are different. Danger WILL kill you. Fear is only an idea.

If fear was only imagined for you, as you accepted that, would you become more free now to take small action steps that were previously impossible for you?

And each step would be further evidence to prove to you that fear was only imaginary and could be dissolved?

Like when you were a kid, and there was a scary noise from under your bed?

We can lie there, frozen in fear. Or we can lean over and look under the bed to discover there is no monster, or if there is one – it is more afraid of us than we of it.

Are you living your life frozen in fear?

Lester Levinson suggested to me the idea of “trying things on for size”. Like a sweater – just try in on.  See if you like it.  You can always take it off again.

He was talking about testing a method that allowed me to realize that thoughts and feelings are NOT part of me, any more than a sweater is.

They are things that can simply be “dropped” or “let go”.

Any thought or feeling or emotion can be let go.  Including a freezing level fear.  Accept that fear and danger are different. Allow yourself to feel the fear fully, and realize that feeling is the worst that fear can do to you.  Not so bad really?

And once you feel it fully, and now know that it did not hurt you – you can just drop it. Like your old sweater into a charity bin.

Let it go.

And once you drop any fear – notice that your fears about other “scary” things you have created stories about to protect, has been weakened.  Shine your torch under your bed and the fear will disappear – but only if you eat the fear and have a look!

Perhaps fear is a bit like Pavlova. Looks impressive, but as soon as you bite it – it dissolves in your mouth leaving a sweet taste.

Have a groovy week

Ps When I was in Russia, they frequently used a saying that stuck with me: “The Devil does not like to be watched.”  In this moment, I can see that one face of the devil is “fear”.  When I set it apart from me, to move from being fear (I am afraid) to only having feelings of fear – I am watching the Devil – and he returns my power.

LinkedIn Instant Improvement Tip July 2014

Each month I place an article in my summary page on LinkedIn.  It is part of a test for the impact of giving useful info that is easily used, rather than prattling on about how awesome my programs are.

I will be putting these articles into Slideshare, Video and Audio soon – but you can read the text version below.  Read the article of August (soon) here – and connect me on LI.

Instant Improvement

Instant Improvement

☁ Instant Improvement Tip ☁ July 2014


Last month I wrote about how to balance your intuition with statistical thinking – to avoid the BIAS that lurks in your thinking. Yes – you have systemic biases in your thinking – we all do – and they are likely the source of your repeated frustration, your blocks in your business and other pain.

Today I want to be very direct, not educate about biases. (“Thinking Fast & Slow” by Kahneman.)


If you are even >wondering< about getting some outside input about your business (or life) – then the answer is “YES, get some extra input.


Our brains have two separate thinking systems (Kahneman) – called System 1 (fast and easy) and System 2 (slow and requires effort). It is the role of our “slow” thinking System 2 to attempt to reduce the errors made by our fast thinking System 1.

System 2 requires focus and attention – hard work our brains do not really enjoy. Like doing maths – eg calculate now:

19 x 23

Your System 1 tells you this is a maths problem & that you could easily solve it with pen & paper. But the answer does not come to mind.

And you are wondering if you should bother to calculate the answer or if is “not worth the effort.”

If you have not done so – find the answer.

As you did this mental work you experienced “Slow” System 2 thinking. It was a slight strain. Your eyes will have dilated, and your blood pressure elevated slightly.


2 x 2 – answered by easy fast System 1

Here is the point.

If you have even an inkling in your mind that you would benefit from an outside input (like a coach), that is your slow, bias-avoiding System 2 trying to help you avoid further intuitive errors.

“Should I consult with someone” thoughts are big flashing warning lights on your dashboard.

Ignore warning lights at your peril. Get outside help, do NOT wait for MAGIC to save you.  It will be a very loooonng wait.



1000 Push Ups In One Day Sedentary Dude...

Challenge: Do 1000 Full, Strict Push Ups in One Day

Do 1000 Full, Strict Push Ups in One Day

Score: Yeah Baby!!!

This was a test relating to the initial conditions – or structure of a challenge. I said I could 1000 strict push ups, as I had been working on strategy structures.

A friend called “Booshet”.

On review of the conditions specified – it seemed clear that the 1000 reps could be done midnight to midnight.

 Theory – Doing less then 35% of max reps in any set allows massive increase in total work. This means if can do 30 push ups as my max in one set (ie 30 in a row), then for this test I should do a max of 11 pushups in any one set.

Once this number is set, then allow reasonable time between sets. AND if completion of any set becomes difficult, immediately reduce the number of reps in the set. AND increase the time between sets to allow more recovery.

Eg if it gets hard at only 8 push ups of an 11 rep set – then stop, In the next set do 5 reps only. The goal is not to allow fatigue, to do it “EASY”. There is insufficient time to recover from any set done HARD.

I began with sets of 15 based on a 43 maximum rep set done earlier in the week. I allowed a time between sets of 9 minutes.


After 300 push ups, I dropped back to 12 reps per set. And after 750 down to 6 reps. I could have done a higher number – but avoiding fatigue was the key element.

At the end, I could have done more push ups – but was starting to feel some joint pain in my left elbow and was favoring it. I also had developed blisters on the soles of my toes and top of upper parts of my feet. (think about it – half your weight in a pushup is on your upper feet! Wear shoes!)

This test shows that if actions are broken down to do-able steps – a ridiculous goal can be achieved. I also believe that there are some metabolic advantages to this kind of training.

Maybe total GH produced from tiny challenges many times with no recovery time needed, is greater than more intense training with longer recovery times, over the course of a week.

Anyway – 1000 push ups ☑  I wonder if I want to do 5000 push ups in a week?  Hmmm.


Ps – the lessons:

1.  If the theory is wrong – trying harder will still not allow success.  If I had just done as many pushups as possible, then rested, then did as many as I could, then rested – and so on – I would NOT have reached 1000 pushups in a day.  How does this relate to YOUR business model?  If your results do not improve when you “work harder” – look to your business model first.

2.  Things that may at first seem impossible may not be – eg a 50+ slightly podgey male who has been slack in training able to do 1000 pushups in a day?   Without the profound knowledge about the effects of muscle failure and recovery – I would not have been able to do this.  I would have bet against me completing the challenge.

3.  Recognize constraints.  Then create systems and processes that allow the best results.  Will power cannot get you off the floor when your muscles are completely shot.  Will power has a finite effect.

Best Marketer In Townsville

Best Marketer?  Me?  James Hooper?  Well – let’s do a test!

It is Saturday 5th April at 7pm – I will get this page ranked on Google for the term “Best marketer in Townsville”.

And my goal is to do that in less than 3 days using only 1 hour and no money spent.

Let’s do a screen shot as a “before”for the SERP.

At start of test

Sounds simple?  We shall see.

Well, I did some very brief and ugly marketing magic, had a delightful dinner, and behold – the two videos I created have appeared in the Google results.  67 minutes later.  There are two videos because I stuffed up the recording and screenshare would not work – so I did another.

It is now 8.55pm on Saturday night – time to watch the rest of the movie upstairs.

Here is a screenshot of Google search for “best marketer in Townsville” – you will see my awful videos of number 3 and 4.

Same search 67 minutes later.

Tomorrow I will look to see if this post you are reading appears there as well.

Good night

Next Day Search Engine Results

Earlier this morning took the screenshot below.  Now this post has appeared on Page 1 at position 8.  That is pretty fast?  Goal now is to bunt it up to the top.

12 hours later, 3 listings

UPdate 28th April 2014.

Ranking continue to improve, with videos in positions 1 and 2, and this blog page at position 5.  Notice the listings for paid google adwords now have little yellow boxes next to them.  If we chose – we could test adding paid positions for this search term, as well as the free ones.

Here is a more recent screen capture of search for Best Marketer in TVL:

best marketer in Townsville Google Search April 28th.png



Not sure what “marketing” is?  Look it up.


Best Marketer in Townsville

Have you been doing YOUR marketing like a zombie?

75 Different Kinds Of “Coaches”?

You Have A Coach For What!?

This afternoon I was testing some software.  I like software that is able to go to large pools of people and segment them.  This new software can dig right into Pinterest.

After a few preliminary searches – I asked it to see how many people it could find on Pinterest who have the word “Coach”in their user name.  The coaching world has been growing faster than mushrooms in 4 day old cow dung over the last 5 years, but I was still amazed at the range.

Here are just a few of the general categories uncovered in the first 1,000 people with “coach” in them.

1.  Business Coach

2. Food Coach

3. Speedy fit Coach

4.  Intuitive health coach

5.  Family coach

6.  Potty Training Coach

7.  Financial Coach

8.  Beachbody Coach

9.  Speaking Coach

10. Angel coach

11.  Pitching coach

12.  Online coach

13.  Health coach pharmacist

14.  Lifestyle coach

15.  Law of attraction coach

16.  K-9 Coach

17. PMA coach ??

18.  Success coach

19.  Depression recovery coach

20.  Accountability Coach

21.  Math coach

22.  Parenting coach

23.  Cake coach (awesome!)

24.  Tech coach

25.  Vegan Coach

26.  Calorie coach

27.  Juicing coach!

28.  Hippie Health coach

29.  Equestrian Coach

30.  Twin Coach (yep!)

31.  Blog Coach

32.  Handbag coach (did I say that one already?  Oh well worth saying it twice!)

33.  Fashionista Coach

34.  Speed running coach

35.  Dating coach

36.  Coach for the military

37.  Integrative coach

38.  Literacy coach

39.  Jewelry coach

40.  Live happy coach

41. Scrapbook coach

42.  FLL coach

43.  Write Now! Coach

44.  Ultimate Image coach

45.  Kick Ass Coach

46.  Single Mom Coach

47.  Procrastination Coach (I’ll get to you on that one)

48.  Allergy free cooking coach

49.  Retail Coach

50.  Glamour Coach

51.  LA Sex Coach

52.  Fibromyalgia coach

53.  ADHD Coach

54.  Wifestyle coach

55.  Weight loss surgery coach

56.  learn German Coach

57.  Milestone coach

58.  Career Coach

59.  Calm coach

60.  Pregnancy coach

61.  Cradle coach (actually this not a person but big baby carrier)

62.  Christian Writers Coach

63.  In & Out Coach ??

64.  Dream Job Coach

65.  Cotton coach

66.  Urgent coach

67.  Nontoxic coach

68.  Dyslexia caoch

69.  Art biz coach

70. Primal coach

71.  Stampin coach

72.  Bridal coach

73.  Sleeping coach

74.  Nip Tuck Coach

75.  Solar coach


And then the productivity coach part of me said “Enough!”  And I stopped looking.

The good part of this list is that clearly “coaching” is reaching a different stage of maturity.  Yep – handbag, glamour, niptuck, and in & out coaches now exist.   Name a problem – and if you have ability or experience dealing with it – you can add the word “coach” and you are ready to go…  I think it is awesome.   If you can add value by helping others upgrade their lives – go for it!


Come On You Can Do It!

Hi – I am your Aura Coach!


Townsville Business Coaching and Marketing

Testing Web “Silos”, Reducing The Mysteries of Adwords, plus Head Coaching

Over the past 2 years the landscape of internet marketing has altered dramatically.  If you think you know all about it – you are wrong.  It is no longer possible to know all about it.

One of the best areas for everyone in marketing to catch up fast is Google Adwords.  When I first looked at it, and played and tested – it seemed pretty straight forward.  Create some ads, choose some keywords, set your bids and daily limits – and just wait for the business to “roar in”.

That may be true.  But the real power of Google Adwords is in the stats that Google gives us (for free if you know where to look).  Hidden deep in the bowels of Adwords – or in fact just by clicking 3 times in the right place – are stats that show you everything from your share of the total number of exposures, but the data to make your investments in Adwords multiply.

Well – that is if you follow the advertising rules created way back in the 19th century.

You know – run two adverts at the same time to determine which one works better?  Then delete the worst performing, and test another one against the one that is left?

Google also allows you to track exactly WHICH keywords and which ads are working.   It is a statisticians paradise.  It was Deming that said “In God we trust – all others must provide data.”  If no one is analyzing your data – you are leaving a stack of cash on the table.

I will report again soon on this – but for now I am happy to report that very simple rules followed have results in more clicks for clients at a LOWER total cost.   I love both the strategic and tactical marketing needed to kick butt with adwords – and if you are managing your own – avoid the “set and forget” approach and give it some love.  Or get some help.

The other techno toy I have been testing is the use of “silos” at part of website structuring.  This is very simply a way of organizing your website/s in a very defined way – that gives exposure to a wider range of search terms and traffic.   I have rebuilt an old site using that structure (and very little else) and am precisely recording what Google does.   This site was built in little over an hour.  If you look carefully at it – you will see that it is composed of videos related to keywords that are placed in “silos” related to higher level keywords.

It is that “stacking” that apparently drives the organic traffic.  The link above is the only link I will create for it – let’s see what traffic comes in – I will give you some stats in a week or so.  I have some products relating to this condition (and others). and this site will serve to funnel traffic into the “sales site”.

Head Coaching

This seems a great place to remind business owners that the most effective way to change results in a business is to apply strategic thinking and detailed planning to the FIRST part of the important processes in your business.

And the very first part of that process is related to getting really clear on a couple of things.

You might be expecting me to rattle on about goals and such.  But not today.

Today I am going to say that apart from having a coherent strategy for your business that will produce the result you desire, that the MOST important driver to success is the awareness, control and optimization of YOUR mental state.

If you are in a powerful state – you will do what is needed, when it is needed, to the standard required.  And you will win at business.  You are 100% responsible for your state – and the decision to own that responsibility fully – at the beginning of every single work day is the most powerful success tool you can operate.

If you are not in a powerful state – then every thought, decision and belief about what is even possible will be different to when you ARE in a powerful state.  And that dramatically affects your actions, which affects your results, and feeds back to your state.

I enjoy the strategic and tactical aspects of business, but it is in the mental flexibility accountability that coaching can bring that the highest leverage is found.   Can you recognize when your state is not powerful, and change it immediately?


Have a great week



Business Coaching Townsville

Business Coach James Hooper


This May Save Your Life If You Are Choking And You Are On Your Own…

[covertplayervideooptin troptinsid=”cpoptin2″ trvideoid=”cpvideo2″]


You Can Easily Use “Viral” Videos Like This To Bring Traffic To YOUR Web or Facebook Page…

In a previous article (Click Here Later)  I showed you a viral video of a boy who rarely missed throwing hoops.   And – I explained how YOU can put such videos onto YOUR website – which is called “embedding” – just like the video above.

You then take the link to YOUR webpage with the video embedded – and post it on your social media.  If it is reasonably viral – like the video above (which is a great thing to share) – people will “share”.  And the link shared will be to YOUR website – NOT youtube where the video is from.

Ideally – the video will have some kind of relevance to your business – but it is not essential.  You can also comment on the video on your page, put related adverts next to it – or even make subscribe to see the video.

In the video above – I have secret software that if I chose – you would not be allowed to start the video until you have “subscribed”.  I think that is a bit rude – but if you have a very specific video for a very specific market – then in some circumstances it would be acceptable.   So – in the video above – it will run even without entering your email address.

How To Use This – An Example

An example for business coaches – who often turn up here.  I will create a brief video that explains how business owners can get the best business coaching in the world – for free!   I will load it to youtube, and list the video as “unlisted”  so that you would not be able to find that video without its secret address.  Then I load the video on a page like this – and set my software so that it will not play unless a valid email is entered.  So business owners get to see this great info – and I get to have the email address of business owners who are interested in business coaching.  That email is loaded directly into an “autoresponder” – that sends email messages to this person at specific intervals – perhaps inviting them to read, listen or attend a seminar or webinar.  All on automatic.

How Could This Work In YOUR Business?

That is for you to figure out.  But – say for example you are a pharmacy owner.  Your video might be about a very special deal that people only in Townsville (or your town) can get.  They need to complete the details to find out how to get 80% off famous perfumes for only 1 hour on a certain day next week.   Or they may even be able to buy the items from your website.

Or you could simply use viral videos, without the sign up forms, to pull (new) people from Facebook or Google + to your website – where they will now have heard of you…  If you can work a WordPress site – which is what most websites now use – you can put a video on a webpage.

Sometimes I just love technology!  Be sure to share the video above – from your FaceBook and G+  –  it would actually work to save a life.   Or – just do as I have done – embed the video in YOUR website – and share THAT link on Facebook.



James Hooper

Ps please comment and share.  And if you are “Struggling” in your business – stop it right now.






This Video Is Amazing – I Have NEVER EVER Seen A Child With This Amazing Talent

This Video Is Amazing – I Have NEVER EVER Seen a Child With This Amazing Talent!

This video has it all.  The formula includes a wonderful little boy, two “A-list” movie stars, and some amazing basketball trick shots that will melt your mind.  Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper are in awe of this amazing child.


Ok – this was a slight trick to show you an example of “borrowing” some already existing viral action.

When this page is shared on any media – it can take people to YOUR website.  Even though the video is hosted on Youtube.  Once you visit the page – and watch the feelgood video – you will have some ads that clever Mr Google will match to your interests and show right next to the video.  (I have been researching Window Blinds on Google – and presto – Google Adsense Ads know what I have been researching – and BOOM ads for window blinds appear.

I will place an adsense advert just below here – see if it matches something you have been watching.  (I have applied for an adsense account so I can show you – Waiting, waiting…)

I could also go to Clickbank – and find some products relating to basketball.  In fact lets do it.  If you do not know – is a business that provides mostly digital products that you (anyone) can sell and get a share of the revenue.  It is free to join – and easy to use.  There are many thousands of products – and many of them are really good products!

First – Here are three about basketball (sort of):

Click Here!  This one is about Vertical Jump Training.  It actually looks like a great product for people who want that.
Click Here! This one is about knee pain – Chronic Knee Pain – theories and solutions. It is good to mix in an offer that takes people AWAY from pains.

Click Here! This one is called Growing Taller For Idiots. You need to be tall – (or your kids) to excel at basketball right?
You get the idea right?  Use the viral video to get traffic – find some offers that are sort of related – and pop them on the page.


Now this is not going to make tons of cash roll into my wallet.  But it enough traffic comes in – it can be worthwhile.  I am going to share this page on FB and G+.   You can apply this for yourself – or simply – when you now visit a web page after being hooked by a cool video – you will now notice the ads waiting there for you…

I do not believe this is the ideal model for a business – for two reasons at least.  Firstly – there is no sequential collection of the leads – they either click the ads immediately or they leave.  Secondly – there is no system to capture the names of these leads (or even the leads that become buyers) – so there is no repeat business or trust built.  This means you cannot communicate with them again – or make further offers if they purchase.

This does not mean you cannot use a viral video to help promote your “local business”.  If you embed a “feel good” viral video into your website (eg on a blog page) – where you also have some positioning about your business (and some kind of name capture device (eg a newsletter/report/discount offer) – you can bring new traffic to your business.  This works for everything from hairdressers to accountants to pet supplies and yard mowing…

Hopefully I will hear from Adsense soon – so you can see if an advert related to your personal web browsing appears?

Please share on G+ and FB for me, and if you want the products from Clickbank above – the proceeds (about 30%)  go to The Smith Family (a children’s charity here in Australia.)





Cool App Can Deliver Messages Differently

Click on the tapestry to continue.

Is a bit like a powerpoint – but giving the reader ability to change the page on a website/slide.

In marketing – Same is Lame.


The Woody Allen Mashed With Julius Caesar Success Plan

A nice short Sunday Post for today – “Just Turn Up Wherever You Are.”

Townsville - Julius Caesar Business Plan

Woody Allen – who made some vaguely interesting and successful films last century apparently said “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

There are some interesting histories to this “eighty percent” idea – including the overly quoted Pareto Principle.   The concept is pretty simple on the surface – and includes “(Approximately) 80% of your success comes from a small percentage of your actions (eg 20%)”

Stay with here while I do some interesting maths – but it will make sense at the end.

If we just accept for now that 20% of our time produces 80% of our success – let’s 20/80 those numbers, and we get 20% of 20% gives 4%  and 80% of 80% gives 64%.  This results in 4% giving 64%.  So 4% of your actions give you 64% of your success.

We can repeat the maths and we see that approx 1% of actions gives 51% of success.  Now, without getting hung up on the calculations – focus on the principle that a small proportion of our total actions produces a majority of the outcome.

Before we get to Julius Caesar – consider what you do at the start of EVERY day.  You either consider your purpose, goals, and actions for the day – or you do not.  Right now – Give yourself a score out of 10 for how well you do this at the beginning of each work day.

I am now going to suggest there is specifically meaningful use for Woody Allen’s “showing up”.  What if “showing up” means becoming present, remembering then committing to the purpose of why you are there (today) and what is important to act on (today).  The degree to which we know why we are there, and doing the important things is our score on “showing up”.

Showing up does NOT include working hard reactively to what happens to you in the day.  It is not about just being excellent as react.  It IS about RESPONDING to what happens in your day – after filtering it through your purpose for being there.

Now mash in Julius Caesar “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  

The Big J showed up.  He knew why he was there – something to do with world domination and addiction to power…

He saw – he considered the environment – and then he applied massive, consistent, focused action (conquered).  Not just every now and then – but every day  – probably even hourly.  He would have been immersed in his purpose to such a degree there was absolutely NO DOUBT what meant to be.

Review NOW your score out of 10 for “showing up” at your business, job or role.  How does your score compare to Julius Caesar?  Would your daily power change if your “invoked” JC during your preparation for your day?  Is it likely that more of the vital 1% or 4% or 20% that give you the majority of your success would get done?

You could even imagine that instead of a little angel on your shoulder guiding you to do the right thing – you had an angel who was invoking Julius Caesar and making your constantly consider why you were there, and where your most powerful leverage actually is?  If you had “no choice” but to focus your attention on your purpose constantly – or a little angel with a Roman short sword would stab you in the ear – how much would your effective productivity multiply?

The best part of this is that you can even get 4% of your working time focused – it will make a vast difference to your bottom line results.  It may simply mean that you move from “doing things right” to “doing the right things right”.

Choose to have a prolific week!  If you are going to invest your time in your business (or profession or life) – it actually takes LESS work to make it ROCK.  It is hard work struggling.   It is draining.  It is not fun.  So change and decide to get legendary – or if it feels better to you – decide to “not be in a sucky place” anymore.


James Hooper