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Geeky Sunday 1.0 – Cold Sores, Bicarb, Vinegar to Fluoride Protease Inhibition

This May Be The Most Important Knowledge You Ever Discover On The Internet...

​And it may lead you to uncover the simple things you need to change to transform your world to heaven-on-Earth...  And how to do that...

Or it might only just be interesting and amusing - with a little useful science thrown in.  I am betting it is the first one.

What's The Story?​

​Have you ever had a cold sore?  Or know someone that did?  It can be pretty miserable dealing with it.  So I began to consider, with the target of alleviating or possibly preventing, cold sores.  Yes, there are may be other things I could think about - but just as some people like crosswords or Game of Thrones - I like to consider and discover what obvious things are hidden in front of me.

This is what led me to the breathing method that completely removed my asthma symptoms over 20 years ago, and my first bestseller​.  More on that later.  What is obvious about cold sores?

You notice that they usually (not always) grow on "border" areas - like the area between inside your mouth and outside.  With oral herpes - on your lips.  Right on the border between outside and in.  Sometimes they move from there - but not far - and nearly always it needs to be "wettish".

Why is that you ask?  That is our first adventurous clue in the puzzle.  If you have done high school chemistry - you have a slight advantage here - because you will have heard of pH.  But you don't need much chemistry to follow this.

Did you know that your skin is acidic?  This means that if measured - the pH of your skin is LOW.  On pH scale, NEUTRAL is 7.  Below 7 is acidic.  Above 7 is called basic.  Water is pretty close to 7.  There you go - you pass first semester of chemistry.  This may not seem important, but this info may change the way you wash your body and hair forever.

​Chemistry for "Antiaging" and Looking Great

We will come back to cold sores in a moment - but this is one of those tangents worth following.  Your skin has LOW pH, which means it is a little acidic.  How acidic it is depends on where you measure it.  Your scalp and skin are about 5 to 5.5 on the pH scale.  Your hair is even lower - at about 4.5.

Now you know your skin is acidic, but so what?

Well - guess what pH soap usually is?  Obviously it varies - but is usually close to pH of 9 to 10.  Why is it so high?  The best cleaners are alkali (another word for basic or pH higher than 7).  It means that fat and oil are broken down better as the pH goes higher.  It is why your clothes detergents are alkaline (9 or higher).  This allows it to "strip" oils and soils off your clothing.

And soap "strips" the oil off your skin, and off your hair.  But you don't use soap on your hair - do you?

Because if you did - it would quickly become dull, and then brittle, as you removed all the oil from the shafts.  Split ends, flyaway, dandruff.  Instead you likely use a concoction made up by the pharmaceutical industry and then copied by the industrial industry called "Shampoo".  And what is the pH of "good" shampoo, you ask (because you now know it is important!)

pH of Shampoo is different to soap!  The better shampoos are closer to the pH of your skin, scalp and hair shafts.  Most are between pH 5 to 7.  The closer the pH is to the area you are "cleansing" the less damage to that area.  It also means less "cleaning" is happening.  Remember higher pH will be (in the simplest model) a better cleaner.    BUT, cleaning too well will strip all the natural oils from your skin and hair.  

Soon I am going to talk about an experiment I did with washing my whole body with shampoo, not soap...​

But first we have to take another geeky side road - so that we can wind back to the really good stuff.

Your human body has a process called "homeostasis".  This is wanky word of Greek origin because scientists like to make it hard for civilians to understand things - so that people just do what they suggest and not even try to understand what is going on.  It just means that our bodies like to keep things at a consistent level.  For example, it likes to keep our skin at the right level of oils and hydration - because if our skin cannot do its job properly, the outside world gets into our inside world - and it gets messy.

And back to soap. What happens when we clean our skins too much?

First it gets dry.  We have stripped all the oils out.  And - despite what we might have been told by a well meaning person or ten - that is not good.  What happens next is that our super-intelligent, highly controlled skin organ senses this ATTACK.  And it then tries to REPAIR the changes - usually by increasing the amount of oil it produces.  Our millions of little oil pumps go into overtime and pump, pump, pump.  Much more than we really want.  And what happens - we get "oily skin".   It is pretty clear that our skin is oily.  So we go to an "expert" or we just let our brains fart a little - and we go and buy some "soap for oily skin" (or shampoo if it has happened to our hair.)  And then we ATTACK our skin organ again.

Notice that I call the skin an "organ".  That is what it is.  It is there with a main job to do.  Just like our kidneys clean all the fluids in our system (and other things), our skin is a specialised organ - and it is intelligent.

When we attack it with "cleaning" chemicals - even if they are called "organic" or have cool French names - it will try to repair itself, and if this continues - it will try to DEFEND itself.  

Seriously.  Let's have an example.

A month or so ago, I began this pH and skin consideration.  For decades I have had some small growths on my face.  Just near my left eyelash outer edge.  The skin would peel and flake, sometime a bit itchy.  And it looks a bit red.  Obviously I have been to my GP, who puts on her big eye scopey thing - looks at it, with a serious voice says "Mmmm" and then burns it away with dry ice held by tweezers (because it looks similar to skin cancers of various sorts).  Hurts for a few days, then heals.  Over time it returns.  And we repeat every 18 months or so.

Well, it was nearly time to go and get burnt again, and I thought:  "What if there is something I am doing to make my skin DEFEND itself by growing more skin faster?  What if it is to do with pH of my soap, shaving cream or something else?"

Pretty good thing to test - because it bloody hurts for days to get your skin dry-iced.  The logic:  my skin likes to be low pH (acidic). Soap is alkaline (high pH).  So is shaving cream.  Shampoo is acidic.  What if I simply use my shampoo for face washing and shaving?  In theory - if it is to do with pH - then my skin will respond by calming down, repairing - and perhaps stop DEFENDING with fast skin growth?

Obviously something changed - because we are talking about it now.  And yes this does eventually rotate back to cold sores - but now we understand more about our skin.   So the "possible" skin cancer simply shrunk and disappeared.  It took about 4 days to be completely gone.  This is NOT saying to stop getting your skin checked for skin cancers!!!  It IS saying to think about your skin as an organ, an intelligent one.

The growth on my face remains gone.  There was another spot - which remained.  I have caused it to now disappear with some cosmetics I will talk about later - which have a viable theory (to me anyway) for how it works - related to homeostasis.

Back to our main story.  Cold sores.

And let's add a little more to your knowledge.  Did you know that ONE of the reasons that are skin ideally keeps itself at a lower pH (ie acidic) - is because lower pH KILLS bacteria, virus and other things that might kill us.  Our intelligent skin somehow knows that low pH will reduce infections.  Let's look at what you buy from the shops.  If you buy almost anything that says "kills 99.9% of anything" - chances are that it lists citric acid as an ingredient.  And that is the same for hand washes and for surface sprays for your kitchen.  Other acids are also used - but citric acid is safe and cheap.  Some people use vinegar - which is ascetic acid.  Notice the "acid" part.  Lowered pH is not where bacteria, virus or fungus usually like to live.

From our earlier discussion on skin - you are now more likely to ensure that you wash your body with something with a lower pH for TWO reasons.  First is that it preserves your skin's preferred pH, and does not strip the oils out causing your skin to react defensively (making you look old).  And now second - lower pH means less infection.  

When I started thinking about cold sores and border regions - I already knew about the pH of skin.  I also knew that our mouths have important pH levels.  That is - the pH of our saliva.  The saliva of a healthy person is SLIGHTLY alkaline at 7.1 to 7.5.  But it does range from 6.2 to 7.6.  For our teeth to be in great shape - more alkaline is better than acid.  (Acid dissolves our tooth enamel once the pH drops below 6.7.  PLUS there are bacteria that thrive in a lower pH which then cause caries.). 

So - inside our mouth is (usually) very slightly alkaline - but our outside skin (including our lips) are much more acidic.  So why should cold sore virus prefer to be on our lips?  Not fully inside our mouth?  Nor fully on our skin (although sometimes it does).  And does this preference have anything to do with the different pH of those areas?

In turns out that perhaps pH IS a big factor

A carefully worded search in Google produced a very clear study that showed that HSV (the virus for cold sores) is INACTIVATED when pH drops to 4.5 - with infection reduce approximately 100x.  If pH is dropped to 3.5 - the effect is far greater and much faster.  So cold sore virus does not like acidic environments

Remember from above that pH of our skin and hair ranges from 4.5 to 5.5.  Perhaps that is why we do not usually see cold sores on our limbs and trunk?  The study also showed that the effect of reducing the pH only to 5.0 did not result in a reduced number of infections.  (ie you have to reduce the pH BELOW 5.0 according to this to have the antiviral effect.)  Diagram below.

​The scale on the left of the chart above shows that pH 4.5 reduced infections by 100x (from over 10 million down to 10 thousand.).  pH 3.5 took it down to about 30 (from over 10 million).  This was in test tubes - not in bodies - but the results are very clear.  Herpes virus prefers higher pH - between 4.5 and 7.0.  If we extrapolate - that is why we do not usually find cold sores on healthy skin - there is a suppressing effect at the lower pH of skin.

Near our mouth - the pH is higher.  And that is mostly where we suffer our ​cold sores.  It would be great if the answer were as simple as this.  Unfortunately we have to account for pH INSIDE our various cells, as well as the fluids that wash around them.  In fact with some viruses, lowered pH inside the cell increases their infectivity.

But in this special case, I believe we have a usable insight.  But before we nail that down - there was another geeky gem in that study.  First look at this figure, and notice the column called "pH 3.5 + PMSF" which is third from the right.

​In this figure, where the columns instead show the viable viral cells remaining after exposure to different pH, you can see that pH again smashed the viability of the virus.  That is nice - but what I want to point out is that the column with a compound called PMSF was also added to the pH 3.5 sample.

​It may seem like this just makes it more confusing - which is why you get bonus points for getting to the end.  It will give you another potential insight that may boost your health (and also minimise your future cold sores.)  So stay with me just a little longer.

​This PMSF allowed more virus to survive the lowered pH.  The authors of the study suggest that the PMSF inhibits (don't worry about these terms) serine proteases like trypsin and chymotrypsin, plus cycteine proteases and acetylcholinesterase.   You can go and look all these things up - and get really confused - or just go with the fact that our body needs these chemicals to function properly.  And when we have anything like PMSF in our system - lots of things get disrupted.   The most obvious chemical (underlined) to be concerned with is anything that inhibits acetyl-cholinesterase.  

To make a simple summary:  If something inhibits our enzymes including acetylcholinesterase​, the cold sore virus is far more resilient and able to thrive.  What if we were eating or exposed to a variant of PMSF every day?  Could that increase our chances of cold sores?  

When I started this little geek adventure - I was simply following the lead that it may be a good idea to put vinegar on your cold sores.  That is still a very good thing to test.  It WILL sting for a few minutes.  I will also seek out an ointment with low pH that may also be worth testing.  And this process may be worth testing on both oral and genital herpes.  The virus is slightly different - and this main study is for genital herpes.  But it is very strong data, and the likelihood of success with the closely related oral version is as good.  The virus IS affected by pH.  And vinegar is relatively safe to pour onto your skin and mouth - as it is technically "food".  But still only do a small area first.  And if you get it in your mouth - brush your teeth a while after (the stinging stops).

The latter barb in the hook?

So what the heck is PMSF?  ​It is Phenylmethanesulfonyl FLUORIDE.  

I am not big fan of fluoride addition to water.  And the use in toothpaste perhaps is less abhorent because we do not usually swallow.  But there is still ingestion.  It is not a safe chemical.  It is not a vitamin.  Our body has no use for it - and indeed is affected by it in unknown ways.  In known ways is does affect our enzymes - the ones we need to work our bodies.  In this study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6007454 it was proven that the action of fluoride on our enzymes is immediate and dramatic.  My opinion?  I live in a town with fluoride added to the drinking water (Townsville, Australia).

I also own a reverse osmosis water filtering system to remove the flouride from the water.  It also remove chlorides - which if you look at a periodic table is directly below Fluorine.  This means it has very similar chemistry - and likely also similar effects on our bodies.

So - is this information worth changing your behaviour over?  I am going to say YES.  On the first count - you now know about the pH of your skin, hair and mouth - you need to learn more about the danger of soap.

Second - if you suffer Herpes virus - then I would test the use of vinegar on the infection.  If it stings too much - dilute it with water.  That test is up to you - let me know what happens if your test.

Third - Acetylcholine is THE major neurotransmitter for many of our bodily organs.  It controls both our autonomic nervous system - both the sympathetic (fight, fight and freeze) and parasympathetic (rest and repair including digestion and procreation).  It controls our sweat glands.  It is the transmitter at the neuromuscular junction between motor nerves and skeletal muscle.  In our nervous system it is found at interneurons and has many important pathways.  One of these is in the forebrain neocortex - the degeneration of which is associated with Alzheimers Disease.  

This chemical is VERY important.  The enzyme which controls it's levels is called Acetylcholinesterase.  The one that is affected by fluoride.  This stuff is NOT a vitamin.  It is used as rat killer.  Get a water filter.

Hope you enjoyed V1 of Geeky Sunday.


James Hooper​

We Make Our Habits – Then Our Habits Make Us…

Think about it.  We run almost 99% on automatic programming (our habitual behaviour).  Most of us have habits that we did not choose – we just adopted them from our parents, teachers, priests, coaches, and so on.  It is a safety/survival mechanism to be like those around us.

Life Coaching TownsvilleLife Coach Townsville

A habit is simply a decision, repeated until our brains “just do it” for us.  Each repetition increases the “size” of the brain channel that does it for us.   Let me repeat that:

A Habit Is a Decision You Repeat.  That is All…

A metaphor is that each of your habits is the river that flows along your path of least mental resistance.   To change the flow direction of flow of the river – or to remove it – there is nothing to do but divert the flow into other (chosen) river-paths.  Not “dam” but “divert”.

  • First step – recognize it is YOUR decision you are repeating.
  • Second step – recognize your brain just wants to follow the previous path/river way.  And that is good.  Decriminalize your past actions due to that repeated decision.  You are not “bad” because you used to smoke, or refuse to read, or do your taxes on time.
  • Third step – decide to review the decision you are replacing EVERY time it gets “triggered”.   It is a repeated decision – put in a counter trigger to remind you to review it.  Say you smoke – to do that you have to get your packet out – open it, get one out, light it, and proceed.  A simple tool might be to put a rubber band around the pack – it reminds you to DECIDE again.  Earlier in the process would be to have a trigger to “Leave your smokes at home”.  Perhaps blu-tac the pack to the bench – the counter trigger will remind you to DECIDE.  If you do not have the pack with you – it adds a barrier in your river.  Create counter triggers – have one to “not buy the cigs.”  Avoid the place where you buy them.  If you do not buy them – you have to “bum” them – and you can build a trigger to prevent that too.  A rule.

As you think about the river metaphor – you will realize that the earlier in the river you intervene – the less water there is to divert.  It easier with a little stream than with a Amazonian flow that happens downstream.  So go upstream.  In this example – when you get the slightest urge/trigger to desire a smoke – overlay that trigger with a preferred action – STEAL it.  When it fires – do some “air squats” or a “60 second meditation” or 5 pushups or some stretches or a make a list of 5 things you are grateful for or brush your teeth or give someone a real compliment.

With enough repetitions – the new decision will OWN the old have-a-smoke trigger.

The decision to repeat your past decisions is yours.  You can dominate the process if you can describe it clearly.  In business I suggest process maps – what happens, then what happens, and so on.  Each step has a “necessary condition” – without which the step cannot proceed.  You cannot smoke a cigarette you do not have any, or if you cannot light it.  You cannot smoke a cigarette without taking the rubber band of the pack.  And you cannot smoke a cigarette if you have truly decided not to, and you prevent yourself doing it “automatically”.

This final perspective can have super powers.  My father stopped smoking the instant he coughed up blood.  A very strong motivation – reasons why – can alter the flow of your rivers instantly.

But many people still smoke while undergoing chemo or suffering emphysema.   The “habit” decision is yours.  Again and again and again.

The pathway to establishing new habits is the same – but you are feeding your river once you have created it.  You can use triggers – like putting your work out clothes and shoes ready to go the night before.  You grease the process – so your new decision just slips into place.  Adapt your environment to support your new river flow.  Borrow water from a friend (or personal trainer) to feed your own river.

Here are some potential habits to make decisions on:


Stop Working, Start Dominating… The Nutgrass In Strategic Planning

Dude – Business Sucess is Innovation and Marketing + Delivery (that is valued and done to “standard”)

Sometimes I like to sit and think. Other times to just sit.

What recurs are simple ideas.

If your business is not growing, bro, it is stagnating. And by growing I mean in the biological sense.

Throw out a little sprout on the tree. No new shoots means you are made of old, dead wood. And decay is coming.

And when you get a nice sprout going on – unless the right people know about it, understand it as much as they need to, value it, desire it or need it – it will not draw the “sunshine of the money” to sustain it.

There are the extra shoots on your existing branches – product improvements, variations, extra options colours and flavours. And there are the new branches. And there the seeds that your success sperms across into new markets.

In my yard I have nutgrass. It is by definition a “weed”. But is has my admiration. It has the goal of total domination of my yard. It defends the areas where it is market leader, and it sends continual military forays into the areas it does not dominate. It is ruthless. It is focused. Is is winning.

My insight today is that unless your business has the clear, no fuss, no doubt, no choice mission that it is to ultimately DOMINATE whatever sandpit you define as yours – your strategic choices will be underwhelming in their success. Not matter what squishy guff you write on your documents about visions and missions and blahblahbabldioo – you have missed the point unless you the apply the Nutgrass Turbo.

It is only by deciding to DOMINATE – that the full power of strategy is able to be used.

Why nutgrass? Nutgrass is there to dominate. Everything it does is designed to ensure domination. It has these little “nuts” that it creates relentlessly. They are underground. If you pull this plant out – and miss just ONE little nut – it will come back at you. Again and again, until you give up.

Then – as well as these nuts – it has designed itself to quickly produce a missive number of seeds on a glorious stem. Hmm. Force Multiplier effect? Bring a second powerful tactic into your domination arseonal and you more than double your expansion power.

Lately I have been re-reading a lot of Deming. And thinking about processes and systems. And how there is a “code”, a set of programming under each of the experiences in our circumstances. And one of the key insights is that what happens at the beginning of a process – has a greater weight on the results. Deming said of systems to “define the first 15% of each level, 3 levels deep. Others say that this first 15% delivers up to 85% of the potential value of the sysem. I would love to see some data on this claim – but it seems a good theory to test the hell out of.

Let’s pretend just for now that the underlying programming that creates the success of your business – let’s call it your “strategic plan” – is turned on.

More soon.

Rugby League Teaches Tactics For Townsville Business Owners

Business is tough?  Borrow tactics from your favourite football code...

Townsville Business Rules for Tough Environment

Use Sports Wisdom To Dominate Markets...

Sport can be a wonderful teacher, and often games DO reflect our circumstances and rules.  First, let's think what happens when playing football on a nasty, cold, rainy field.  The ball is wet and slippery, hard to hold onto.  The ground is also hard to navigate with boots either slipping or bogging on the sometimes muddy turf.

There is no margin for error in the throwing or timing of a pass to your team, as this will lead to lost possession and a period of tough, draining defense.​

But there is an upside.

Both teams are playing the same conditions.  And it is here that tactical choices determine the winner in most cases.  You CAN still win at sport, and in business in tough conditions.

When playing rugby (of any kind) in challenging weather - what must you do?  And what does that mean to your business tactics?

1.  You must cherish possession of the ball.  Every pass must be secure.  Every hit up and run must be arranged and implemented to both gain ground AND retain possession.​

  • In your​ business the ball becomes your leads, prospects and existing customers.  In a tough business business environment where leads are fewer the value of prospects and existing customers is increased even more.  You cannot make a sale without a customer, just as you cannot score without possession of the ball.  In my experience, over 96% of businesses in Townsville do NOT keep stats on the source, conversion rates, then fist and repeat sale values of their leads, prospects and customers.  Similarly - top rugby league teams DO know their stats.  Every run is tracked, each pass mapped, each hand-off, every kick.   This pays off even more when conditions are tough.

2.  ​You must keep territory position in mind.  Play the game in your oppositions half, where an error from them has most benefit for you.  And a touch of genius or luck from your team rewards you most.  This means tactical kicking, but not predictable kicking.

  • ​Within your business, do you know where you have the advantage?  What products, services, or experiences to which of your target markets are where you can score?  Without this knowledge, businesses with strategy will chase after ANY opportunity with the same level of priority.   You will have heard the saying "Man who chases two rabbits has no dinner".  You must also ensure you choose niches/markets to dominate that have sufficient size to give your business decent returns.

3.  You must make best use of your assets.  Your big men can run hard at the line at angles that allow the conditions to make it harder to stop them.  And in ways that drain the energy of the opposing team.  Your play-makers must avoid becoming exhausted by the conditions, and set up others more than run themselves.  To do this, your team must be ORGANIZED and know what the plays and tactics for this game are.

  • The most glaring hole in most businesses armory is a lack of clarity and precision on WHAT they say to their leads and customers.  The majority have marketing that is so general that you could cross out your name and write your oppositions name on it.  And it would still be correct for them.  When your sales team or marketing material (your hard running players) do not have the strategic advantage of being unique or different or in some clear way a better choice for your prospects - you are not using them for maximum advantage.
  • This flows over into EVERY piece of marketing that you have (or should have) in place.  Every item either adds to or detracts from the power of what you communicate.  And HOW you deliver your message does matter - if it takes you 5 days to deliver a proposal (or quote!) - and you could do it even better in fewer days, you should.  If your website, FB, newsletters, lead magnets, autoresponders or other online assets are old and lame - or delivers the wrong or weak messages - you lose momentum.  

4.  Every advantage must be fully utilized.​  Half-gaps must be hit with full power and enthusiasm.  Extra effort for bursts of speed results in either line breaks or extra exhaustion of the opposition.  Your strong men must refuse to fall, every step counts.  Mental toughness must supplement physical conditioning.

  • ​Being organized means you know that not every marketing activity brings equal results.  Remember the 80/20 rule.  These days it is closer to 95/5.   Your strategic plan will help you identify, measure and then bring maximum force to your best marketing assets.  In military terms there is something called a "force multiplication".  It means that if you send troops in with superior weapons (like night vision in dark environments) - the same troops have a superior impact.   Given everything else being the same, the gladiator with the sharp sword will (on average) beat the one with the blunt sword.  This means giving attention to the QUALITY of forces, not just the QUANTITY.  Smaller but more sophisticated processes can deliver MORE POWER.
  • Send your troops into battle with SHARP, effective messages that are strategically designed to allow them to dominate your chosen markets.  In environments where business is tough - give your team both the best tools possible AND additional training on their use.  When was the last time you arranged sales or persuasion skills training?

​Your business CAN success in tough times.  Business is still there to be won, although you may have to evolve and adapt to become the team whose value overpowers the desperate competition.  First you must choose to accept there is a market for you that is worth dominating.   It is the same as choosing to play to your hardest on a sporting field - you must decide to win.  Or there is little hope of winning.  

That decision - for YOUR business to dominate - is the key strategic lever to you then defining your market, creating the processes and messages that will give you advantage, and then executing in a calm, organized and ruthless​ly focused program.

Sins are only errors mashed with …

Bucky Fuller said:   “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

I have spent decades fighting existing reality.  I am sure you have too.  What do I mean?

How long have you been “doing battle” with things already in existence?  Like storing too much fat on your belly or butt?  Or having a bank balance that is too small?  Or my sales are too low…

In past posts I have spoken about “choosing to struggle” – and in simple terms this is explained by my learning to swim process.  When I swam I tensed every muscle, I strained every nerve and concentrated on every part of my body.  Naturally I was exhausted after about 15 seconds, and then tended to gasp and sink.

Relax Dammit!

After a few decades of struggle I concluded that something was wrong with my process.  The answer was not to try harder or for longer.  It was the opposite.  I experimented with doing nothing but ‘relaxing’ and the water.  Just lay there, being calm.  Not try at all.  I could have used a modelling strategy – you know – had lessons?  But no.  I was addicted to “figuring things out” – a strategy which still both rewards  and punishes me.

After some floating – I found that I could make movements without tensing every muscle.  Eventually that led me to realising that the key to swimming is reducing resistance in the water.  Splashing is waste.  And now I can swim and remain relaxed and move well through the water.  So – it was when I stopped doing the things that did not work or help that I benefitted.  I made the old model obsolete.

The process was to discover the process and then strategically evolve it for a clear purpose.  And to enjoy the experiences as much as you can.  Does that sound like your business?  Your health?  Or are you “working” to retain the resistance and no-purpose tension?  And yes – it is like an onion (tastes great when properly cooked!)

Do we “break” habits?

No.  We either replace them or disconnect them.

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The Power of “Fractadoro” to Increase Your Life Mastery In Minutes… Part One

Well – the new year has begun again.  Like it did last year.  Following the same pattern.  And the pattern is the clue to the power contained in a new word I created just now in the attempt to get the concept clear enough in my own head to be able to share it with sane people.

That may be you – but it is not really me.  Yesterday I was perturbed when the hairdresser who had just cut my hair described the result as “respectable”.  What the hell is that?  My hair now deserves respect?  Perhaps it is common for people to have a goal appear respectable?

So – in the closing stages of 2016, there were a couple of different concepts about behaviour that were attempting to “mash” inside my mind.  I had been working on a project that trains people to be able to greatly improve their probability of setting goals and actually achieving them.

There is a missing component to almost all goal (or target or objective) creations.  Without knowing and applying this component within your goal setting process – you will likely have an almost perfect history of Goal NON-Achievement.  You may even have decided that goal setting does not work (which would be true for most people).

If you are a serial goal achiever you either are doing this component by luck, or you have been applying that fictional power created in the 19th Century – called “Willpower” to brutally pound your way through your action steps.

The 3 Main Ingredients Attempting to Blend Together:

  • Simplify
  • Fractal Theory
  • Habits of Success
  • Coherence

You may be wondering WHY this is important to anyone?  It is important because the mashing of these concepts will give you a clear, simple process you can apply to many different levels to take your goal achievement skills to a place where you laugh out loud at your previous attempts.

Over the centuries there has been a ton of metaphysics or religious symbolism that has touched on the process.  More recently the “Law of Attraction” magic was spread over the globe.  It has a great story.  And some people claim to have made it work for them.  Probably the same people who actually set goals and achieve them.  Certainly not the majority.  Or we would all have won the lottery and be perfect physical specimens.

The Bible has some very potent symbolism that carries a clue to what the LawofAttractioners missed.  And it has to do with the “Kingdom of Heaven”.  Yep – I said it.  You may not know that I am not religious at all.  There has been some great content created by the original authors of each religion – which was in stated symbolically – that has been converted by vested interests into multi-layered fiction.   In the Christian religion practically everything after 100 AD, is gibberish.  And much before then as well.

That is fodder for a different post.  The reason I raise the kingdom of heaven here and now is to do with the term “coherence”.  It is the meaning in physics that is relevant.  Google it if you want to go down a rabbit hole.  For now – just pretend that it means getting all the “waves” that you generate in your mind (as thoughts and feelings for example) to have the same wavelength, and to be travelling the same path.

If you spout out all kinds of different thoughts at once, and bounce all over the place from your business to your sex life to the weather to a barking dog to feeling hungry to feeling annoyed at feeling hungry because you are on special supplements – you have no coherence.  You are channel flicking.

Your ability to stay on one topic is minimal, and your mental power is diminished.  You have trouble making decisions because your thinking is handicapped.  You experience fear and probably have developed a habit or procrastinating or avoiding important actions.  And with each procrastination you reinforce that particular “habit” – until you are completely oblivious to what you are doing with your thoughts.

I will break this post into different segments as it is likely your ability to follow is already shaking.

Let’s tie it up a little for today.  The “Kingdom of Heaven” is the place INSIDE yourself where you have calmed your thoughts and thinking.  Usually entered via a meditation process or self hypnosis – you calm yourself physically and then mentally.  As you get closer and closer to the “KoH” your thoughts slow down, and you can observe them.  You realize that you are NOT thinking your thoughts – you are only observing them.

As you observe them – you can, if you choose, contemplate each thought, and then choose to keep it or let it go away.  Each thought (according to the theory – has an effect on the physical world – the basis of the Law of Attractionists).   You can see that even just slowing your thoughts and choosing to let them take root (or not) – will have a drastic affect on how you feel and act in the world.

Your stress levels drop because you are not in constant channel flicking mental mode.  And you can think for long enough to make decisions with confidence.  And your FEAR is reduced because you are not constantly in emergency mode.  You have time to respond to the world, and add your creation-ability to each event you experience instead of being in automatic mode.  (If you want to change the results you achieve in your life and business or career – this is where you must begin.  The same programming (the rules or habits in your head) as you used last year will give you the same results you got this year, and forever after barring accidents.

That is enough for today.  Your job is to visit the Kingdom of Heaven – the place where you can observe your thoughts and wonder where you are that you can do that.  Next we will see the fractal nature of this in your life – and experience how just changing thinking affects everything else.


Ps – the secret sauce of successful goal achievement can be turned into a mechanical process that will allow you to predictably hit your chosen targets.  Accessing the KoH (which has many other names) – makes the process much more SIMPLE and more enjoyable.








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Townsville Barber Shop Manager Throws Away $702

Times Are Tough In Townsville?


First the story (briefly).

This morning I decided I needed a haircut.  I only have so much hair now, so recently I have been going to a convenient barber, that is near the coffee shop I visit sometimes.  The benefit of a barber is you can usually not make an appointment, and can get a tidy up that suits my time frame rather than my hairdressers.

I used to go to hairdressers, but the event usually required a special trip, which added to the time needed.  And often even with an appointment, I would be asked to wait.   So, with the decreasing amount of hair, and less difference between a great haircut and a haircut – I decided to go to a barber shop.

And it was ok.

Anyway, this morning I went to the barber shop at Fairfield Shopping Centre.  There was a sprout of hair on my head at a gawky angle – so I made a special trip (it is 5 mins away).

As I approach the barber shop, I see that the gate is still mostly across their shop, and the manager and apprentice are standing around chatting.  “Great!” I think – I will be first.  As I reach the gate the managers asks “Can I help you?”.  I say “Yes, hi, I am in a hurry and would like a trim.”

“No, we are not open.  We open at 9, and it is only 5 to 9.  Can you come back in 5 minutes?”

“Um,  No. I won’t.  Good bye.”  And left to walk to the hairdresser at the other end of the shopping centre.

Now this particular barber shop has cut my hair before twice.  It takes only minutes to cut my hair, and on the previous occasion the junior employee did the job, and the time before that the manager did it.

There are several business lessons in this story.

  1.  I get a haircut every 4 weeks or so.  That is 13 haircuts a year.  It costs $27 for a barber haircut there (and you can only pay by cash.)  That is $351 per year, assuming no upsells or cross-sells.  I would likely go there for 2 years, so total value hits $702.  If we assume haircut takes less than 15 minutes, the labour cost will be less than $6 each visit.  So gross profit from my little bits of hair is $546 over 2 years.
  2. Lets not count anyone I might refer to them, which would multiply this value.
  3. Near as I can tell, there is no external marketing by this barber shop group.  They rely on foot traffic for leads.
  4. It is likely the manager will have a “story” about why I should go away and come back in a few minutes.  Some vital things need doing in the seconds before opening.
  5. What could she have done?
    1. Interact with me.  Say “we are still getting ready for the day, but come in and take a seat and we will be with you in a jiffy.”
    2. Recognize me.  She seemed to remember me.  She could say “Welcome back.  Ready for you in a tick, here is a voucher for a coffee (value about $3.80) from the coffee shop about 20 metres away that is open.”
    3. Been ready for business early.
    4. Know the average lifetime value of a customer.
  6. This would have been my third haircut there.  As a general rule, if you can get a client or customer to buy off you three times, they are in a safe zone where they will continue to buy off you for a long time.  It is one of the reasons that EVERY business needs to have a SECOND purchase offer for a new customer, and then a THIRD purchase offer.  Think about it.  Once you have been to a place three times, you are comfortable – you have figured out the system, you know where to sit, how to order, etc.
  7. The only marketing for this barber shop that works on me is that it is/was convenient.  There is nothing special or unique (in ways important to me) about them.   The pricing is not competitive.  The staff not overly skilled or charming.  If I was asked why I went there?  “Because it is convenient and I don’t need an appointment which wastes my time.”   When faced with a perception that I am completely unimportant to them, in the absence of any weight to their relationship with me, that feeling was sufficient to end it.

Pretty riveting story, ay?

Now, about YOUR business.  How certain are you that your team is not spilling clients out of your revenue by doing similar things?  How is your standard greeting quality when your clients or customers visit?  Do you have a PROCESS that brings a new customer into your herd by systematically encouraging the first three purchases?

Do you know the average lifetime value of your customers?  Do you know that number for each of the categories of your business?  If a barber shop customer is worth $700 over two years, how much is he worth if you keep him for four years?  Or if you bribe him to bring his teenage son?

If you have not made these fundamental calculations – you are flying blind with your strategy.  You cannot effectively budget for marketing.  You are relying on intuition and luck.  That can be ok for a while, but over time MATHS is what drives your profits.  And the eventual value of your business when sold.  (most businesses do not “sell”, they close.)


James Hooper



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