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Fun Business Coaching – Profit Ninja #1 from Townsville

Business Coaching Does Not Have To Be Serious All The Time..



This little video has some very valuable marketing tips that are able to be used by businesses of all levels.

The one strategy that is most often missed is the spreading of your marketing to include retaining and increasing the ongoing value of your existing customers.  Without this – your business will leave a ton of sales money on the table, and the extra cost of continually having to fish for new clients will smash your margins.

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And stay tuned for more from the Townsville “Profit Ninja”!



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Grin Cheekily, Then Beard Your Lions Today

One of the benefits of being a coach is the existence of a “reality” mirror.  This morning as I sat thinking of my clients and planning the week – I recalled an article I wrote over 13 years ago.

When I say “coach” – I mean every person who is ever aware of the processes you follow – because ultimately each of us is our own coach – and you are responsible for our your own action or inaction.

This article below was important to me for years and helped me to success.  You are welcome to borrow the metaphor and use it any time you feel fear, or an inner discomfort that is a signal that there is a very fierce (but imaginary) lion stalking you.  And once you remember that it was YOU that imagined this lion into existence – first the cheeky grin, THEN the pulling of his beard!

Enjoy this article:



Remember that you imagined this fierce lion so you own him. Grin cheekily then walk up and pull his beard!

How many lions are
following YOU?

Beard your lions…

Who do you serve – your fears or your desires?

Check yourself hourly to find out the motives for your actions – is the motive one of fear?

If you act because you are afraid, and focus on acting to avoid some event (that you are focusing on and rehearsing in your mind), you will never have peace.

An example of this might perhaps be you are walking down a street and you see a face in the crowd that you have not seen for decades.

You have a choice – pretend not to have seen, or wave and acknowledgement and spend a few moments to catch up. If you lower your eyes, or pretend to look in a store window – you are acting out of fear.

Such actions reinforce themselves on you, and weaken your power.

Perhaps your fear is some report you have been avoiding – or doing some paperwork (like a Will or tax returns). Perhaps it is making contact with a once close friend or relative that you are out of touch with – and are hesitant for fear of rejection.  Perhaps it is returning a phone call that could potentially be a bit messy.

You must walk up to the things you are afraid of (your lions).  If you run away, your fears (lions) will chase you.

The lion takes it’s fierceness from feeding on your fear.

Walk up to your lion, facing your fears, and they will disappear.

Just for today…

So as this day passes, when moments of choice appear, choose not to act by fear motive, but instead act in the faith that each event comes for your eventual personal benefit, and you find an immediate boost in your enjoyment of life.

Walk up to your every lion, give a cheeky grin – and PULL HIS BEARD!


Copyright James Hooper March 7, 1999.


The Secret Code Written on my Whiteboard – Newsletter – Marketing Bites

Today I am going to share a framework that will alter how you view every marketing device ever created…
Hi, welcome back yet again.  Thank you for being so handsome (or beautiful if you prefer!)
Ghosts of Past Beliefs

Today I was sitting at my desk.  The state of my desk is a reflection of ghosts of old programs.  When I was growing up, my father’s desk was chaos.  Stuff everywhere.  Yet his business went well…
So – I “concluded” that a mess was a good state for a desk.  It took me about 20 years to undo that program that I had accepted completely unconsciously.
Even today – that old program will begin to resurface unless I stay on guard!  I function more powerfully when my desk is tidy… do you?
Overloading My Brain On Purpose…

So anyway – today I was sitting at my desk, and wondered what this week’s Bite would be about.  I looked at a few previous editions but did not feel that nice little buzz that I get when a real gem appears.
For the past week I have been overloading my brain (this involves photo/speed reading 10-12 diverse books for about 4 hours a day – then journalling the connections).  This is based on the ‘perturbation’ theory of open systems dynamics which explains why seeds germinate – or not.
Exactly What Do You Do…

Nothing profound to share arose.  So I did what I do in such situations.  I lean back, relax and look upwards.  Supposedly this creates an increase in the alpha wave production in our brains – but knowing that my habit is to lean back and look up – I have written things on the big whiteboard above my writing desk.  Clever ay?
The things I write there vary.  But the most powerful stimulator I have ever used is a list of 7 items that makes me realize the hidden addictions that we humans generally share.
I originally wrote them there to help me become aware of when I was “in the addiction” and being “manipulated” by myself or others.
But it has other uses.
Here you go:


It is a bit blurry – so here they are.  This is from Blair Warren.

7 Hidden Addictions (“Needs”):

1.  People need to feel needed

2.  When aware of an impasse, people will do anything to gain a sense of hope

3.  People need a scapegoat

4.  People need to be noticed and feel understood

5.  People need to know things they are not supposed to know (secrets)

6.  People need to be right (and will resist attempts to change them or make them ‘wrong’)

7.  People need to feel a sense of power

So – how many of these ‘addictions’ do YOU feel?

Just for fun:

“The world really needs you and your skills right now.  No one else can help.  The situation is dire, and there is not much hope.  What can we do?  Well – first it is not your fault – it is caused by the motion of the moon and solar flares.  We think YOU are the best in the world at what you do and your ideas are brilliant.  You were right and this is a secret that only you can handle and it will give you an enormous sense of power.  Will you help?”

The Chocolate Sauce

Just these three rules to the 7 Addictions:

1.  People resist unwelcome attempts to persuade them

2.  People cant resist what they cant detect

3.  People sometimes believe what they are told – but always what they conclude..

BITES: How many of the addictions do you feel when making a purchase decision?  Pay attention!  Does your marketing utilize these hidden addictions?

My definition of a client is “someone under my protection and guidance”.  You are welcome to borrow it – especially now that you know the secrets above – and that you will only ever use this information for the good of all concerned – and NEVER for “eeeeevil”…



Ps last week I suggested you give the next 10 people you see a genuine compliment.  This week I suggest you make note (and remember) the eye colour of everyone you meet.  And notice the difference in how they respond to you.  [MAGIC]
Pps – have you forwarded any of these [Bites] to your friends in business yet?  Remember that sharing creates more…
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Did you know that one of the most effective methods to build loyalty and trust with people is to share your pets with them?  Seriously!

Albert says that letting people know that you are non-threatening works well in business.  He advocates wagging your tail vigorously.  Followed by sitting up straight and attentively raising your ears and keeping eye contact when they speak.

He also says that giving someone your full 100% attention is the best gift you can give apart from food.

Albert will next week talk about attention spans.  He as to stop now because there is a bee.

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Want a “kick your own ass” quote or two?

Words have power.

No doubt ’bout it.  Buckminster Fuller called language one of the most powerful inventions of man.


Well – you can just read a pile of words and you WILL be changed.

Over the next few weeks I am going to add words to this post – that if you read them – will change you.  So remember to subscribe – both to RSS and to the newsletters in the blue box.

Set #1 – What Will These Words Do The Probability of You Deciding To Buy/Do/Invest?

“The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch and want.”  Jim Rohn

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”  Aristotle

“Success leaves clues.”  Tony Robbins and also:

“It is your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”.

Set #2 Coming Soon.

This from Victor Hugo:

“He who every morning plans the transaction of the day and follows out that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through the maze of the most busy life. But where no plan is laid, where the disposal of time is surrendered merely to the chance of incidence, chaos will soon reign.”

Victor Hugo was around in the 1800’s.  He was prolific and produced many masterpieces.  Are you prolific?

Ground, Helicopter and Celestial Views ON Your Business

How To Use Imaginary Space Travel As Your Unlimited Source of Clarity & Motivation..

One of the traps of business, or any endeavor, is to keep focused solely on the “doings” that businesses need to get done. Our nature is get drawn into the stickiness of “concentration”.

When you are at the movies, you may be aware of sitting in the cinema.  Then, moments later, you are completely contained in whatever place the director of the (great) film has moved you to.

You are no longer sitting in the cinema – you are in space, or in a desert, or somewhere.

Your focus can not be in both places at the same time. Not only that, you will not be consciously aware that you have moved from the cinema – until something pulls you back. The film might end, you might get a cramp in your foot, the person in the next row might cough loudly. And then you will be conscious again that it is a film.

When you are working “in” your business, that is where your focus is. Delivering great customer service, completing a sales proposal, completing tax reports, driving the truck safely…

It is only when something “pulls” you from that reality, does your conscious awareness shift.

There is a term that confuses a lot of people called “working ON your business”.   One simple way to determine if you awareness is ON the business is to think in terms of elevation.

If you are “IN” busy traffic – you see the cars in front of you, beside you, behind you.

If you are in the traffic reporting helicopter looking on the mass of cars – you might consider yourself “ON” the traffic.

What if you periodically took the time to take a “helicopter” view of your business?

From that height and distance you will have a different focus.

Questions like – just where exactly is my business going – and is that what I want for it and myself?

What are the opportunities that I can see from my helicopter – that I did not see while ‘in” the traffic (business)?

What are the challenges ahead that I can see now from the chopper – how can I avoid them or profit from them?

In a nutshell – use the altered view to get insights and clarity around your business, how it operates, it’s environment, and whether it requires an adjustment to give you what you want from it.

In a sense this is what a good business coach can help you with – sort of like someone to firmly lift you out of the business so you can look “ONTO” it.

There is another level of course, and it can help with making decisions about change in your business.

It involves using a spaceship and going first into orbit around our Earth.

From there, the significance of the decisions that we make IN our businesses is made puny. Our individual business is unlikely to even be visible from orbit. From there in orbit – it is easier to use a different emotion to think about what is important about our businesses. The distance allows us to disconnect from the (probably) petty pressures that would otherwise direct our thinking if we were still right “IN” our businesses. We can become more aware, literally, of the “bigger picture”.

If we zoom off to a place where even the Earth is not visible – we can allow ourselves to further bathe in that ‘bigger picture’.

One of the definitions of leadership that I like simply refers to a leader as someone who can see a greater distance and bring a greater benefit to all because of it. There are obviously other skills in leadership – but the ability to switch from wide to narrow focus and back again ranks very highly among them.

It is this that allows a leader to share a (big) “vision” that enrolls followers to move in the direction of the vision.

So – the lesson?

Invest the time to pop out for a regular (daily or weekly) helicopter trip to look “ON” to your business (and your life in general).   What would happen if you did this BEFORE your daily/weekly team meetings?

And then regularly – at least quarterly – slip off into space and from there determine that you are doing what is most important in your business (and you life).

Business Coaching Townsville

Can You See Your Business From Here?

This “bigger view” will help you get clarity on your values (what is important to you). And that combined with your (big) vision, and your role clarity (what you need to get done) – will create an unlimited source of motivation for you.

Have a surprisingly awesome day!

James Hooper

Business Coach Townsville

Another great quote – his finest hour

Winston Churchill

“…To every man there comes, that special moment when he will be tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a special thing unique to him.

What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for that work which could have been his finest hour.”

New Pricing Tool Shows Effect of Price Increases and Discounting on BEP

Simple Tool To Calculate The Impact of Price Increases and Decreases on Break Even Point

The video below explains how to use this simple Excel spreadsheet to see the impact on your bottom line of price increases and decreases.  Eg what does a 10% price rise do to your profits?  And how much do you need to increase your total sales by to make up for a 25% discount?  Easy.  Just fill in the orange cells and it shows you.

This is a simpler version that can give great insights to what happens to your break even point when you alter your price.  And will bring you back to reality when you are considering the idea of  “making up for reduced margin with greater volume”.


Please click the little white icon in the bottom right of the video box below to make it big enough to see clearly. [Sorry about the horrible music – will get some more awesomeness for the next video!]


To get the tool for free – just subscribe using one the many red “Subscribe Today” boxes scattered all over the site.  I promise to never bore you or send anything that I don’t think is valuable for you.  And my list is not for sale or rent.


James Hooper
Business Coaching Townsville.

Great Quote – His place will never be with those cold and timid souls

Theodore Roosevelt {Read this aloud}

“It is not the critic who counts,

not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,

whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood,

who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again,

who spends himself for a worthy cause;

who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement,

and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly,

so that his place shall never by with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

The Triad of Personal Success

For each endeavor in your life right now – whatever your level of vision for it, whatever the size of your role in it’s achievement, and whatever the value that your mission brings to the world – you can be less cold and timid…

Increase your vision, increase your role and increase the clarity about why it is important for you and what it will do for other.  Increase all three.

If you have a business – define your current role, define your current vision, and list what is important about it.  In writing – write fast and use shorthand.  Now – turbo it by increasing each of those three items.  The bigger each items becomes – the greater your power to achieve them.

As General George Patton said once in a famous speech –

“That is all.”


James Hooper

Business Coach Townsville

Prime Time For Success – Is Your Powder Dry

Prime Time for Success Part 1

Here in the tropics of North Queensland it is the “wet” season.    And it has reminded me to keep my “thinking powder” dry.   Back in the last century (and the one before) it was essential for armies to keep their gunpowder dry.  And it was prudent to do so because without it they lost their ability to make things explode.

Is your powder dry?

Are You Ready to Launch?

The analogy can be applied to our success thinking.  Did you ever meet someone who when asked how business is – always gives an answer which gives you the feeling that they are under a big, wet, smelly blanket which makes their view of the world pretty dire and miserable.  And that they believe by sharing their view of how awful things are they are somehow helping you?  Kind of – “Hey come over here with us and you can share our heavy, dark, dingy, wet blanket!”   You will be safe here.

And that is a great way to put out a fire.  Throw a wet blanket on it.

So the next time you are ready to add to your success list – consider – “Is my success powder dry?”  Because if it is not – your spark will be wasted.

But how do you know if your powder is dry?

The first clue is in the words we use.  Both the word we share with others and the word we say to ourselves.  “I am so sick of ……”  “Why does it have to be so hard to get anything done?”  “You can’t do that because…”  “I don’t have time to ….”  “I am struggling to …..  already”.

Another clue is the people you hang with.  And the words they use while you nod to them.

Another clue is whether you have goals, and that you know what they are.  Have you noticed that if you walk done a busy street with no particular place to be – it is hard to get though the crowd.  But as soon as you begin to move with purpose – they get out of the way?

I am becoming crystal clear that choosing not to think about what I want is the most leveraged way to choose to be a victim.  Without this controlled thinking it is impossible to apply strategy or get effective work (achievement) done.  We cannot design a system until we first have a goal or purpose for that system.

The clearer the output of a system is described, the more potently the system can be designed to produce it.  Each reduction the clarity of the ideal output description results in continually reducing ability to apply power.   Until the ultimate level where there is no power – and the only choice is to drift on the tide.  A true victim.

So – think just for a while about how dry your success powder is right now.  And the evidence of it’s wetness will be the existence of your clearly stated goals, ambitions, desires, ideals or even preferences.

Stand by for Part 2 next week.

James Hooper

Business Coach Townsville

The Secret to Escaping Struggle of Work – Part 1

How Does A Great Insight Come From a Macaw, A Pug, Walter Russell and a TV Dog Whisperer?

You have probably already noticed that often the most profound insights come from a series of almost unrelated events.   And that often these events can happen even within a day?

This week was a fairly “normal” week.  Yet the events of:

– Discussion about the works of Walter Russell

– The lack of progress on a long term building progress

– The birth of a client’s lovely baby girl

– Having finished moving about a thousand of my books after finishing sorting after the Cyclone hit which ‘forced’ me to re-organize them

– Cesar the dog training guy talking about excitement in dogs

–  And the brief comment amount about my decades old Baroque Music CD on Facebook that their pet Pug and Macaw loved the music.

Townsville Business Coaching

Macaws Don’t Do Struggle

I have read that creativity can have (at least) two sources – compiled or original.  Compiled means you take a little piece of that and add it to this and then some of that – and the mixture produces a brand “new” item.  Original implies something new that was not synthesized or compiled.

The synthesized insight this week is that it is not our “work” that exhausts us sometimes – but our “state” when we are doing that “work”.  (An exception might be really physical work – but I believe that even that is reduced by a tolerance effect – but that is another discussion.)

Huh?  Well perhaps an example.  One of my clients was going through a serious growth phase, and when questioned about how they were going, the answer “We are struggling.  We are worn out.”

Their “work” is creative.  It has deadlines, but is the kind of activity that my clients enjoy – usually.   Importantly – the ‘state’ is obvious.  What are you doing – I asked.  The answer again “We are struggling.”

My response – “Well stop it.  Stop struggling.  Struggling is hard work.  It is exhausting.  And it does not help you get your work done.”    Nope  – didn’t get it.

So – imagine you are in a lake.  In this lake your ‘job’ is simply to count backwards by three from 400 – which is about as mentally tough as most office jobs get.  Now – if you let your body turn vertical – you will begin to ‘struggle’ to do that AND get your work done.   You can thrash and splash and get panicked and stressed about going under.  It will be exhausting – and your work will suffer.

Or – you can choose to float on your back.  And you can choose to do it “WITH EASE”.  And you will not be nearly so ‘exhausted’.

In a nutshell – struggling more does not get more ‘work’ done.   It may in fact completely destroy your ability to get things done well.

When your dog is jumping around because you picked up his walking  lead – it is not because they are “happy”, it is because your dog is “excited”.    It is different.

When you are struggling with your work or life – the struggling is internal.  You are choosing to do it.  In the same way that you can train your dog to be calm [and not destroy the house] before a walk – we can train ourselves to not enter the state of struggle – but instead choose a different state.

First step is to recognize that struggle is something we do.  Awareness.  Then notice struggle does not actually help us much – apart from sympathy or misery sharing with other losers.  “Wow – you struggled all day – you poor thing – diddums – me too – lets get drunk and talk about how tough it is and relieve the pressure.”

So what does “struggling” at your work give you?  A great excuse to not do your share of the housework [so tired!], or to not exercise [so worn out from sitting down all day struggling], or to use coping tools [TV, drugs, sex, sugary food]?

So once we are aware of this ‘struggle’ waste – choose to replace it with something that gives us more.

Maybe you, like me, enjoy the idea of doing it ‘With Ease” or “EASILY”.  You get all your stuff done [easily], not exhausted, spare time, see more opportunity, attract other people who do it [easily], more fun.  More goal achievement, higher self esteem, more wealth health and happiness?

Or are you addicted to the state of  “struggle”?  Are your ‘rewards’ for your struggle just too good to give up?

Well to finish – think of the Spice Girls [I think] song – “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want!”   And then compare what you get from being exhausted/frustrated/victimized by struggling.  Then choose.  And if you fall back in to the web of struggle – stop, float, and choose again!

Have a great weekend [easily]

James Hooper

Ps Walter Russell was a genius from last century who reminds me constantly that what we see is not real, and that separation is a illusion.  We are all connected.

Pps New born babies have not yet learned how to “struggle”

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