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Bring on the election… but “citizen-up” when you vote.

Thank goodness the election is called. When you look at the likelihood of Australians investing (or spending) there is often a decrease during an election campaign. It seems that a percentage of our population either consciously or unconsciously defers spending decisions.

So it was not really helpful for Julia Gillard to state her September election date months ago, and then have Kevin Rudd further ignore the “wet blanket on spending” effect while he pranced around (re-)building his image.

I am certain that all of us have had enough of the “minority government” test – I would call it an epic fail. And if after this coming election there is not a clear majority government – have another poll. Management by committee has a snowflakes chance in hell of working unless there is alignment within in it. Groups with radically different ideals should not be allowed to take turns at steering our nation on a daily basis. And that is what minority government did. We zig-zagged wastefully without getting anywhere. These groups can vie for control of steering every 3 years.

So what will be your criteria for who to vote for? Or will you take an “avoid the responsibility” position and vote for a minor party? If you are considering that – I implore you “citizen-up” and vote for one major party or the other. Giving up your vote to a minority party because no one else deserves it gave us the hung parliament, and three years of reactive mush leadership. So make a choice, please.

My vote choice criteria will be based on trust. Trust is based on the making and keeping of promises. In the case of government, this delivery of promises should be well planned, organized, well-considered and with minimal waste.

It will not be based on the political spin adroitness of the leaders or on how they shine (or not) during any debate. Ability to win a debate does not correlate strongly with ability to govern sensibly, in fact it more clearly shows ability to react and “spin” for short term popularity.

And it will not be based on the horror that is called “parliamentary debate” but on actual policy selection application of government. For example the role of the ATO forcing business owners to make super contributions for contractors (and determining IF they are contractors or “employees”). [“For individual contractors, you must also make super guarantee contributions for them if more than 50% of the value of their contract is for labour.”] A “turbocharged” uncertainty/mess/waste generator?

So let the “Spin-fest” begin, and roll on the eternal polls and poll analysis. Let loose the dogs of warty TV commercials – feed the ball to the media scrum, and run the gauntlet of taste and ethics.

Remembering always as JFK said “No matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth.” And if it is on Twitter – it must be true…


The Secret Code Written on my Whiteboard – Newsletter – Marketing Bites

Today I am going to share a framework that will alter how you view every marketing device ever created…
Hi, welcome back yet again.  Thank you for being so handsome (or beautiful if you prefer!)
Ghosts of Past Beliefs

Today I was sitting at my desk.  The state of my desk is a reflection of ghosts of old programs.  When I was growing up, my father’s desk was chaos.  Stuff everywhere.  Yet his business went well…
So – I “concluded” that a mess was a good state for a desk.  It took me about 20 years to undo that program that I had accepted completely unconsciously.
Even today – that old program will begin to resurface unless I stay on guard!  I function more powerfully when my desk is tidy… do you?
Overloading My Brain On Purpose…

So anyway – today I was sitting at my desk, and wondered what this week’s Bite would be about.  I looked at a few previous editions but did not feel that nice little buzz that I get when a real gem appears.
For the past week I have been overloading my brain (this involves photo/speed reading 10-12 diverse books for about 4 hours a day – then journalling the connections).  This is based on the ‘perturbation’ theory of open systems dynamics which explains why seeds germinate – or not.
Exactly What Do You Do…

Nothing profound to share arose.  So I did what I do in such situations.  I lean back, relax and look upwards.  Supposedly this creates an increase in the alpha wave production in our brains – but knowing that my habit is to lean back and look up – I have written things on the big whiteboard above my writing desk.  Clever ay?
The things I write there vary.  But the most powerful stimulator I have ever used is a list of 7 items that makes me realize the hidden addictions that we humans generally share.
I originally wrote them there to help me become aware of when I was “in the addiction” and being “manipulated” by myself or others.
But it has other uses.
Here you go:


It is a bit blurry – so here they are.  This is from Blair Warren.

7 Hidden Addictions (“Needs”):

1.  People need to feel needed

2.  When aware of an impasse, people will do anything to gain a sense of hope

3.  People need a scapegoat

4.  People need to be noticed and feel understood

5.  People need to know things they are not supposed to know (secrets)

6.  People need to be right (and will resist attempts to change them or make them ‘wrong’)

7.  People need to feel a sense of power

So – how many of these ‘addictions’ do YOU feel?

Just for fun:

“The world really needs you and your skills right now.  No one else can help.  The situation is dire, and there is not much hope.  What can we do?  Well – first it is not your fault – it is caused by the motion of the moon and solar flares.  We think YOU are the best in the world at what you do and your ideas are brilliant.  You were right and this is a secret that only you can handle and it will give you an enormous sense of power.  Will you help?”

The Chocolate Sauce

Just these three rules to the 7 Addictions:

1.  People resist unwelcome attempts to persuade them

2.  People cant resist what they cant detect

3.  People sometimes believe what they are told – but always what they conclude..

BITES: How many of the addictions do you feel when making a purchase decision?  Pay attention!  Does your marketing utilize these hidden addictions?

My definition of a client is “someone under my protection and guidance”.  You are welcome to borrow it – especially now that you know the secrets above – and that you will only ever use this information for the good of all concerned – and NEVER for “eeeeevil”…



Ps last week I suggested you give the next 10 people you see a genuine compliment.  This week I suggest you make note (and remember) the eye colour of everyone you meet.  And notice the difference in how they respond to you.  [MAGIC]
Pps – have you forwarded any of these [Bites] to your friends in business yet?  Remember that sharing creates more…
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Did you know that one of the most effective methods to build loyalty and trust with people is to share your pets with them?  Seriously!

Albert says that letting people know that you are non-threatening works well in business.  He advocates wagging your tail vigorously.  Followed by sitting up straight and attentively raising your ears and keeping eye contact when they speak.

He also says that giving someone your full 100% attention is the best gift you can give apart from food.

Albert will next week talk about attention spans.  He as to stop now because there is a bee.

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Another great quote – his finest hour

Winston Churchill

“…To every man there comes, that special moment when he will be tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a special thing unique to him.

What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for that work which could have been his finest hour.”

Random Motivational Quote

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbour.  Catch the trade winds in your sales.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.”  Mark Twain