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Attention Townsville Taxi Drivers – How to get more tips?

As a business owners know that it is attitude that determines the real value of employees in the long term. If we can get our attitude right – everything gets better. Customers are happy, sales go up, and if you are the employee – both the internal reward and the remuneration can improve.

Compare the antics and enthusiasm of this Turkish cab driver to the tedium of our more ‘normal’ Aussie cabbies!

Business is a game, and the best games have some fun built in



Ps – do you think this cabbie gets lots of repeat work? And referrals? What in your business needs a touch of this?  (obviously be safe!)

Pps – click on the RSS feed and sign up – even if you dont know what RSS is.  I didn’t.  Now it is groovy!  Sites that I RSS to show up on my Google Home Page – eg when then is a new article from a site I am following – it is right there!  And it sends me an email.

Condensed TV Advert – But does it sell?

Well – it makes me smile.  It has a nice catchy tune.  It has high energy, happy, dancing people.

I already have some Visa cards.  And some Mastercards.  And an Amex.  I travel a fair bit.

Perhaps I am not in the target for this advert?  I like it – in the same way that I like some of ridiculous beer ads.

Course I don’t know which beer each of the over-the-top ads are for.  But I like ’em.  If I was paying for them – my enjoyment would be determined by how much money they were making for me, either directly or indirectly.

If you live in Townsville area – please make a comment below on your favourite ads that show in Townsville – and include any ads that have actually caused you to respond, and if you bought from them.  This might include a Yellow Pages advert, or TV or radio.  Anything you suggest I will go the business and ask if I can put their advert here [TV, radio or print] for all to see and consider.

Because it is Yellow Pages season – if you are a business owner in Townsville – feel free to put your advert in to test what people think of it.  I will also appraise the ad to check for the most important components – and give some suggestions.  [I normally charge $297 for this – so go for it!]

I am pretty sure you can attach files below – if you can’t then email them to me and I will get it on this web page for you.   It is ok to tell us if you are the business owner, in fact the only thing better than this would be if you asked your own current customers about your marketing pieces.  This comes from the simple but blindingly potent strategy of asking your customers or clients “how come you do business with me?”

If you have the balls to do this – you get a mountain of insight of what to put into your actions to get more clients [like the ones who answered the question.]  This is light years ahead of  ‘guessing’.   Most Townsville businesses appear to not even be guessing – but just do what the guys selling them media suggest.  ie “Marketing Victims”.

One of my favourite sayings is “You either have a plan or you are part of someone else’s.”    With advertising, the other persons plan is usually to ‘make sales budget’.  You can see why it is vital to find out what has actually worked in bring NEW business to your business, and why the OLD business is coming back.  And you need to do this BEFORE you spend one more red cent on more ads.

And then – before going after NEW customers – have simple strategies to get MORE from the customers you already have – to get them to buy MORE, come back MORE often, give you MORE referrals.  Getting NEW leads the the MOST EXPENSIVE way to increase most businesses [unless you are just beginning and dont have anything else to work with.]

If you already have a flow of leads – the most value usually comes from converting more of those leads to customers – ie the ‘conversion rate’.  Here is an example – you ‘invest’ $25k in the Townsville Yellow Pages.  Even with a 3 out 10 advert – you will get SOME calls from NEW leads.  (Not just people who are already customers who use YP to find your number.)  Lets just pretend it is 2 per day or 10 per week.    How many out of  the 10 become new customers for you?

Most of the business owners I work with believe it is really high – like 7 or 8 out of 10 become customers.  “HMMM – really?”  And I say – “So you wont mind if we measure them for a few weeks?”  It can be tricky because some purchase cycles are quite long.  But invariably the conversion rate is about 50% of what they thought.

Now here is the YAHOO YOU BEAUTY part.  If we can increase the conversion rate from 3 of 10 to 4 of 10 – we have increased our sales from NEW customers by 1 in 3, which is 33%.  This a real ball-tearer result!  AND – guess what?  It costs almost nothing to raise your conversion rate – AND you have taken the first step to stop being a “marketing victim”.  If all you sales are from NEW customers – this is a 33% increase in total sales.  If 30% of your sales are from NEW customers – then it is a 10% increase in sales.

Ok – I have ranted on a bit here – because I love the power of this stuff.  Be sure to subscribe to the feed from this site [just press the button in the top right] and join the Townsville Business Builders Letter as well – so you know when more gems appear.

Please post below with your favourite adverts.



The Single Biggest Mistake in Townsville Businesses?

There are tons of things that can be easily and cheaply done to increase the value of your business.

What is probably the single biggest thing you aren’t doing that is leaving a huge pile of cash on the table?

Well,  just lately I have been in a variety of businesses who I have given good piles of cash to.  Some of these businesses are smart enough to collect my name and address.

When they do that – I ask hopefully – are you going to write to me?  Generally they say no – we just collect the data and do nothing at all with it.  ‘Oh’ I say.  And I look down to check out the paperwork that has been given to me.

Perhaps there is an invitation to join ‘the herd’ of that business online?  Or a special offer for the next time I come back?  Or something to give to a friend to invite them into that business?  Or perhaps the service person is not done yet – and they are about to ‘bump’ me to an upgrade of some kind?  (Because I ALWAYS take the bump – just because it happens so rarely in Townsville that I want to reward them! Even if it is a SUCKY version.)

Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  None of the above.

Each of the activities listed above are tactics.  They are almost free to implement, and can multiply profits – PRONTO.

There is no business in existence that does not have SOMETHING that can be done to either increase the value of the sale just completed, or to enroll me longer term into the “community” of that business.

Here is an example.

I recently purchased a top of the line dishwasher with the longest warrant I could get from a Townsville White Goods Retailer.  It was a SMEG, stainless steel, shiny thing with more knobs and doodads than I will ever use.  The salesperson did a great job of installing criteria for me [as I had no idea what to look for in  a dishwasher except that I wanted a great warranty].

To play the game I asked her for a better price after giving the usual grimace as I held out my credit card.  Yep – she took about 5% off, and then I stalled and got delivery for half price and they would take the old one away for me.  Great!

Then she added my details to their computer system.  I asked my hopeful questions – her answer?  Nope.  We wont do anything with your details.  We used to – about 5 years ago.  But we stopped for no reason.

By now we had fairly strong rapport – so I dug a little deeper.  “You guys are paid on a commission aren’t you”  I asked. “Is it hard to hit your targets?”   Well it can be difficult she said.  We have to get a lot of boxes ticked for several weeks in a row – but it is pretty fair.

So this business has a clear measuring system to optimize their salespeople – to keep the upsells and bumps working – but has completely missed the possibly more important point.

More soon.

Townsville Yellow Pages Close Soon… Are you ready or are you an advertising “VICTIM”?

Yellow Pages Headings

How much do you know about Yellow Pages adverts?

* What is a successful advertisement?

* What makes a successful ad?

* The Steps to Yellow Pages success

  1. Who [is your target market]?
  2. What [do you want to say]?
  3. How [to write your advert]

The components of the advert:

–  headline &  sub-headlines

–  body copy

–  keywords

–  pictures

–  call to action/offers

–  typefaces

–  text highlighting/bullets

–  location guides

  1. How big [should your ad be]?
  2. What else [do you need to think about]?

–  production

–  phone scripts – do you waste your advert when you answer the phone like a dork?

–  stock levels – can you cope?

–  team levels

*   Examples

More articles on Yellow Pages coming soon.

James Hooper

Townsville Copy Writer

07 4721 0525

Ps I have a “YP  Review” Product where I will analyse and give clean advice on your current or proposed Townsville Yellow Pages advert.  $295.