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Hypoxia affects your thyroid?

Can My Altitude Machine Stimulate My Thyroid and Fix My Indigestion?

Several times per week, I now invest the time in using an “altitude machine”.

In the comfort of my office, this device intermittently simulates high altitude oxygen levels, then sea level altitude oxygen levels, while I sit calmly.

Why do I do this?

Several reasons – that I will share in this post, now and later.

At the forefront of my mind right now is something called “subclinical hypothyroidism”.  For several months I have been guinea-pigging to test the affect of altered metabolic rate (as measured by my morning body temperature) – on my energy levels and a mild digestion challenge at appears at night.

I have altered my diet significantly – and have put on approximately 3kg – mostly of fat.  My digestion has improve markedly, and my body temperature is up 1 degree Celsius (on average).  My energy levels are better – but not at the levels of 10 years ago – ok that would be miraculous.

Why am I messing with this rather than go to a medic and get prescribed an anti-indigestion medication?  Firstly because I espouse finding the causal processes that lead to an effect, rather than treating the effect.  So I literally have to eat my own cooking.

That has led me on an interesting (for me) ride through the systems that make up my body.  Why am I getting indigestion?  After a few different theories and tests – my best theory at this time is that my stomach is producing less acid than it used to.  This variation has led to the downstream theory that not only is my food not being digested as it ought – but that the changed pH now allows bacteria to live my small intestine that previously did not live there.

And they produce gas.  Lots of it.

After lots of testing – involving taking HCL with Pepsin – hydrochloric acid in a tablet you can swallow – you get it pharmacies over the counter.  It is a “digestive aid”.  Taking this product resulted in my digestion and symptoms being improved.  Good.

Now – why was my acid production dropping?  This turned into a rabbit hole of adventure.

After several theories tested and discarded, my current is that a reduced activity in my thyroid, directly alters a great many other systems – including acid production for digestion.

There are a great many other factors that can alter our digestion – including the simplest which is that NOT allowing our bodies to drop out of FLIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE mode before eating – is the equivalent of trying to have lunch while being chased by a tiger – in terms of hormones.  You may get the food into you – but you body will not deal with it very well.  Generating stomach acid while you are “in danger” is not a high priority for our bodies.  After a few years of such a habit we begin to see the manifestation of this habit.

Anyway back to the thyroid.  If you do a search on “subclinical hypothyroidism” you will find something like this from WebMD:

“No symptoms or mild symptoms of hypothyroidism. Examples are fatigue, cold intolerance, consistent weight gain, depression, or memory problems. A mildly high thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) level. Some people with subclinical hypothyroidism may test positive for antithyroid antibodies.”

Fatigue, weight gain, depression?  That does NOT sound like “sub-clinical” does it?  And doctors do not even agree on whether or not they should  “treat” this effect.

So do YOU have any of the symptoms of this a little bit hypothyroidism?

What if just some that depression that is happening in the world is related to us feeling a bit “crap”, so our thinking changes, our actions change, and hey – we then feel down for several reasons, not just because our thyroid is a bit slow.

If you have been diagnosed with depression – take it very seriously and get help.  And just for interest – be sure you get your thyroid activity measured (esp TSH – google it!)
Just to get your attention on how even slightly hypothyroidism can make you miserable – symptoms can be hair loss, poor memory and concentration, constipation, dyspepsia (what I had), shortness of breath, feeling cold, fatigue, variable menses, poor hearing.
Not only that I further read on that something called “postpartum thyroiditis” happens in up to 5% of women after birth – starting with HYPER thyroidism, then becoming HYPO thyroid – which may last for life.  Is anyone else curious about whether this exists in postpartum depression?  Not only that – but hypothyroidism will also decrease your chance of becoming pregnant.
So – you get the idea.  The thyroid is a significant factor in feeling ok.
Well – better go and do some real work.  I will add more to this already long post about how I am testing my theory on metabolic rate at a later time.
What about the “Hypoxicator” machine?  When I use it – I feel better.  I feel happier, smarter and more focused.  Does it alter my thyroid activity?  More on that soon as well.  But here is a taster from a medical journal:
High-altitude effect in lowlanders
Variables Caucasoid Mongoloid Australoid
Memory (digit-symbol-test)/depression (beck-depression-inventory/hopelessness (beck-hopelessness-scale)/cortisol/TSH/respiratory-rate
Loneliness (UCLA-loneliness-scale)
Free-fatty-acid (mmol/l)
→-no change; ↑-increase; ↓-decrease.

Conclusions: Thyroid hormones and emotionality during high-altitude acclimatization are influenced by ethnicity, and social-isolation/fear-of-death influences freeT4.

This study is not ideal for what I want to know – but – if I read between the lines – as a “Caucasoid” – exposure and adaptation to altitude in this study increased T3, T4, and free T3 and very usefully heart rate.  That is a positive indication of two things.
First – altitude effects altered thryoid activity (increase), and second that “loneliness” was decreased – which is kinda/sorta what I feel after using my hypoxicator regularly.
Any lesson for business?  How about:  Ensure you look at the process that gives you the results if you want to change the results.   If you want to remove a “problem effect” – one method is to alter the environment so that the problem simply cannot come to exist.
More on this theoretical saga soon.
James Hooper
Townsville, Qld






Best Marketer In Townsville

Best Marketer?  Me?  James Hooper?  Well – let’s do a test!

It is Saturday 5th April at 7pm – I will get this page ranked on Google for the term “Best marketer in Townsville”.

And my goal is to do that in less than 3 days using only 1 hour and no money spent.

Let’s do a screen shot as a “before”for the SERP.

At start of test

Sounds simple?  We shall see.

Well, I did some very brief and ugly marketing magic, had a delightful dinner, and behold – the two videos I created have appeared in the Google results.  67 minutes later.  There are two videos because I stuffed up the recording and screenshare would not work – so I did another.

It is now 8.55pm on Saturday night – time to watch the rest of the movie upstairs.

Here is a screenshot of Google search for “best marketer in Townsville” – you will see my awful videos of number 3 and 4.

Same search 67 minutes later.

Tomorrow I will look to see if this post you are reading appears there as well.

Good night

Next Day Search Engine Results

Earlier this morning took the screenshot below.  Now this post has appeared on Page 1 at position 8.  That is pretty fast?  Goal now is to bunt it up to the top.

12 hours later, 3 listings

UPdate 28th April 2014.

Ranking continue to improve, with videos in positions 1 and 2, and this blog page at position 5.  Notice the listings for paid google adwords now have little yellow boxes next to them.  If we chose – we could test adding paid positions for this search term, as well as the free ones.

Here is a more recent screen capture of search for Best Marketer in TVL:

best marketer in Townsville Google Search April 28th.png



Not sure what “marketing” is?  Look it up.


Best Marketer in Townsville

Have you been doing YOUR marketing like a zombie?

Townsville Business Coaching and Marketing

Testing Web “Silos”, Reducing The Mysteries of Adwords, plus Head Coaching

Over the past 2 years the landscape of internet marketing has altered dramatically.  If you think you know all about it – you are wrong.  It is no longer possible to know all about it.

One of the best areas for everyone in marketing to catch up fast is Google Adwords.  When I first looked at it, and played and tested – it seemed pretty straight forward.  Create some ads, choose some keywords, set your bids and daily limits – and just wait for the business to “roar in”.

That may be true.  But the real power of Google Adwords is in the stats that Google gives us (for free if you know where to look).  Hidden deep in the bowels of Adwords – or in fact just by clicking 3 times in the right place – are stats that show you everything from your share of the total number of exposures, but the data to make your investments in Adwords multiply.

Well – that is if you follow the advertising rules created way back in the 19th century.

You know – run two adverts at the same time to determine which one works better?  Then delete the worst performing, and test another one against the one that is left?

Google also allows you to track exactly WHICH keywords and which ads are working.   It is a statisticians paradise.  It was Deming that said “In God we trust – all others must provide data.”  If no one is analyzing your data – you are leaving a stack of cash on the table.

I will report again soon on this – but for now I am happy to report that very simple rules followed have results in more clicks for clients at a LOWER total cost.   I love both the strategic and tactical marketing needed to kick butt with adwords – and if you are managing your own – avoid the “set and forget” approach and give it some love.  Or get some help.

The other techno toy I have been testing is the use of “silos” at part of website structuring.  This is very simply a way of organizing your website/s in a very defined way – that gives exposure to a wider range of search terms and traffic.   I have rebuilt an old site using that structure (and very little else) and am precisely recording what Google does.   This site was built in little over an hour.  If you look carefully at it – you will see that it is composed of videos related to keywords that are placed in “silos” related to higher level keywords.

It is that “stacking” that apparently drives the organic traffic.  The link above is the only link I will create for it – let’s see what traffic comes in – I will give you some stats in a week or so.  I have some products relating to this condition (and others). and this site will serve to funnel traffic into the “sales site”.

Head Coaching

This seems a great place to remind business owners that the most effective way to change results in a business is to apply strategic thinking and detailed planning to the FIRST part of the important processes in your business.

And the very first part of that process is related to getting really clear on a couple of things.

You might be expecting me to rattle on about goals and such.  But not today.

Today I am going to say that apart from having a coherent strategy for your business that will produce the result you desire, that the MOST important driver to success is the awareness, control and optimization of YOUR mental state.

If you are in a powerful state – you will do what is needed, when it is needed, to the standard required.  And you will win at business.  You are 100% responsible for your state – and the decision to own that responsibility fully – at the beginning of every single work day is the most powerful success tool you can operate.

If you are not in a powerful state – then every thought, decision and belief about what is even possible will be different to when you ARE in a powerful state.  And that dramatically affects your actions, which affects your results, and feeds back to your state.

I enjoy the strategic and tactical aspects of business, but it is in the mental flexibility accountability that coaching can bring that the highest leverage is found.   Can you recognize when your state is not powerful, and change it immediately?


Have a great week



Business Coaching Townsville

Business Coach James Hooper


This May Save Your Life If You Are Choking And You Are On Your Own…

[covertplayervideooptin troptinsid=”cpoptin2″ trvideoid=”cpvideo2″]


You Can Easily Use “Viral” Videos Like This To Bring Traffic To YOUR Web or Facebook Page…

In a previous article (Click Here Later)  I showed you a viral video of a boy who rarely missed throwing hoops.   And – I explained how YOU can put such videos onto YOUR website – which is called “embedding” – just like the video above.

You then take the link to YOUR webpage with the video embedded – and post it on your social media.  If it is reasonably viral – like the video above (which is a great thing to share) – people will “share”.  And the link shared will be to YOUR website – NOT youtube where the video is from.

Ideally – the video will have some kind of relevance to your business – but it is not essential.  You can also comment on the video on your page, put related adverts next to it – or even make subscribe to see the video.

In the video above – I have secret software that if I chose – you would not be allowed to start the video until you have “subscribed”.  I think that is a bit rude – but if you have a very specific video for a very specific market – then in some circumstances it would be acceptable.   So – in the video above – it will run even without entering your email address.

How To Use This – An Example

An example for business coaches – who often turn up here.  I will create a brief video that explains how business owners can get the best business coaching in the world – for free!   I will load it to youtube, and list the video as “unlisted”  so that you would not be able to find that video without its secret address.  Then I load the video on a page like this – and set my software so that it will not play unless a valid email is entered.  So business owners get to see this great info – and I get to have the email address of business owners who are interested in business coaching.  That email is loaded directly into an “autoresponder” – that sends email messages to this person at specific intervals – perhaps inviting them to read, listen or attend a seminar or webinar.  All on automatic.

How Could This Work In YOUR Business?

That is for you to figure out.  But – say for example you are a pharmacy owner.  Your video might be about a very special deal that people only in Townsville (or your town) can get.  They need to complete the details to find out how to get 80% off famous perfumes for only 1 hour on a certain day next week.   Or they may even be able to buy the items from your website.

Or you could simply use viral videos, without the sign up forms, to pull (new) people from Facebook or Google + to your website – where they will now have heard of you…  If you can work a WordPress site – which is what most websites now use – you can put a video on a webpage.

Sometimes I just love technology!  Be sure to share the video above – from your FaceBook and G+  –  it would actually work to save a life.   Or – just do as I have done – embed the video in YOUR website – and share THAT link on Facebook.



James Hooper

Ps please comment and share.  And if you are “Struggling” in your business – stop it right now.






This Video Is Amazing – I Have NEVER EVER Seen A Child With This Amazing Talent

This Video Is Amazing – I Have NEVER EVER Seen a Child With This Amazing Talent!

This video has it all.  The formula includes a wonderful little boy, two “A-list” movie stars, and some amazing basketball trick shots that will melt your mind.  Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper are in awe of this amazing child.


Ok – this was a slight trick to show you an example of “borrowing” some already existing viral action.

When this page is shared on any media – it can take people to YOUR website.  Even though the video is hosted on Youtube.  Once you visit the page – and watch the feelgood video – you will have some ads that clever Mr Google will match to your interests and show right next to the video.  (I have been researching Window Blinds on Google – and presto – Google Adsense Ads know what I have been researching – and BOOM ads for window blinds appear.

I will place an adsense advert just below here – see if it matches something you have been watching.  (I have applied for an adsense account so I can show you – Waiting, waiting…)

I could also go to Clickbank – and find some products relating to basketball.  In fact lets do it.  If you do not know – is a business that provides mostly digital products that you (anyone) can sell and get a share of the revenue.  It is free to join – and easy to use.  There are many thousands of products – and many of them are really good products!

First – Here are three about basketball (sort of):

Click Here!  This one is about Vertical Jump Training.  It actually looks like a great product for people who want that.
Click Here! This one is about knee pain – Chronic Knee Pain – theories and solutions. It is good to mix in an offer that takes people AWAY from pains.

Click Here! This one is called Growing Taller For Idiots. You need to be tall – (or your kids) to excel at basketball right?
You get the idea right?  Use the viral video to get traffic – find some offers that are sort of related – and pop them on the page.


Now this is not going to make tons of cash roll into my wallet.  But it enough traffic comes in – it can be worthwhile.  I am going to share this page on FB and G+.   You can apply this for yourself – or simply – when you now visit a web page after being hooked by a cool video – you will now notice the ads waiting there for you…

I do not believe this is the ideal model for a business – for two reasons at least.  Firstly – there is no sequential collection of the leads – they either click the ads immediately or they leave.  Secondly – there is no system to capture the names of these leads (or even the leads that become buyers) – so there is no repeat business or trust built.  This means you cannot communicate with them again – or make further offers if they purchase.

This does not mean you cannot use a viral video to help promote your “local business”.  If you embed a “feel good” viral video into your website (eg on a blog page) – where you also have some positioning about your business (and some kind of name capture device (eg a newsletter/report/discount offer) – you can bring new traffic to your business.  This works for everything from hairdressers to accountants to pet supplies and yard mowing…

Hopefully I will hear from Adsense soon – so you can see if an advert related to your personal web browsing appears?

Please share on G+ and FB for me, and if you want the products from Clickbank above – the proceeds (about 30%)  go to The Smith Family (a children’s charity here in Australia.)





Cool App Can Deliver Messages Differently

Click on the tapestry to continue.

Is a bit like a powerpoint – but giving the reader ability to change the page on a website/slide.

In marketing – Same is Lame.


text test

uʍop ǝpısdn sɐʍ pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ǝɥʇ – sɹǝʇndɯoɔ ǝƃuɐɥɔ oʇ pɐɥ


and then everything went backwards

ɥɐp ʇo ɔɥɐuƃǝ ɔoɯdnʇǝɹs – ʇɥǝ ʞǝʎqoɐɹp ʍɐs ndsıpǝ poʍu

Never Heard of Pinterest? Leaving Money On The Table!

Great Promotional Tool For Townsville Businesses

Firstly – I just want to say that social media is something you can use or not use.

You can tell me that it is great for keeping in touch with people, for sharing, for building relationships.  And that is cool.  But I don’t really care about using it for that.  You may – you may love it.  Great.

What I do care about is using these networks for business.  There are ways, measurable, predictable ways to use FB, Twitter, Pinterest (more on that in a minute), Youtube (yep), and a few of the other networks – to MAKE MONEY for your business.

Over the next few weeks I will add posts on exactly how to do this.

Today – I want to introduce you to Pinterest.  When I first saw this – I thought “another time wasting tool for people with not enough to do in their lives.”  After some research, thinking and testing – I have changed my mind.  It is a very useful tool that can be used to grow most businesses.

Business Coach Townsville

Click here to visit Pinterest

So – to get you started – go to Pinterest for 15 minutes and check it out.  Here the link to my “boards” (where I PIN things apparently).      I suggest you create an account  – and also join as a business  Or you can wait until the next post on this and do it them.

Remember to keep your wandering around in social media to a time limit.

Decide to be LEGENDARY today

James Hooper


With LinkedIn – Use the ‘Balls of Steel Approach”

Linked In – How to relax and build connections using “balls of steel…”


A little while ago I posted in a group on LinkedIn.  I am reposting here because unless you are in the group – called Townsville Business Network – you cannot see the posts.  You are welcome to borrow my approach to LinkedIn

Paste: James Hooper • Great article. I think there is a natural tendency to hold back asking to connect – as it may seem “pushy”. And when someone I don’t yet know asks to connect – sometimes the first response is “What are they going to try and sell me?”.

A different approach – as the article suggests – is to treat LI like an actual party. A ‘safe’ one where I can walk up and say hello without the implication that we HAVE to do business now that we have met. Yes – at some parties people have started to ‘sell’ to me in their first sentence – and I am sure that will happen here. But – I figure that if I treat people here like real people – as I would at a dinner party – then mostly they will respond the same way.

I like the idea of accepting all connections unless there is something clearly a bit dodgy – which I have not come across yet. I also like the idea of strapping on my “balls of steel” and systematically approaching interesting people to connect with each week. A bit like being at a party and walking up to people to say hello. For many years I was more likely to wait for others to approach me to mingle – staying “safe” with people I knew already. I learned via a combination of “screw this I’m bored” and “beer” that more fun was to be had by being the ‘out-goer’. Hence the ‘balls of steel”.

Now I even say smile and say “Hello” to people walking down the street that I don’t know should our eyes meet.

So – my new policies: If anyone asks to connect, I say yes. If someone looks at my profile (did you know you can see who looks at your profile?) and does not ask to connect – I will assume they are simply afraid of being “pushy” and I will ask to connect with them. Each week for 15 minutes I will search for different people to connect with. I will refrain from being concerned that people will “judge” me based on the people in my network.


So – have a go.  I believe LinkedIn is a useful tool for relationship development, and that once we let go of the idea that “connecting” means that we have to do business with them, or that other people either will or will not do business with based on who you are connected to, or other slightly neurotic thoughts – it is a great resource.

Oh – please connect with me there  – click here James Hooper – my settings are set so that if you click “connect” we will be connected.  I think the “prove you know someone” level setting that many people have as default is not useful.

Buckminster Fuller said cryptically “You cannot learn less.”  Once I figured out out what that meant  – it gave me permission to smile and learn more.  In this instance it means that everyone knows something that I don’t – so the more people I know – the more resources become available for all of us.




Warning – Amazon S3 Accounts Are Easily Hacked if Not Locked!

If you use Amazon AWS S3 accounts – you better read this little post…

How Many Babies Every Second?
Your Amazon S3 Account is not locked – Oh no!

How To “Hack” Millions of Amazon S3 Accounts In 14 Seconds or Less…

I want to share a security gap that an amazing number of internet marketers are blissfully ignorant about.  In summary – if you are using Amazon S3 to store your data – IT NEEDS TO BE LOCKED!  If this is you – then read on – and do contact me with questions if that can help you.

So – you are going to purchase a digital product – are even just curious about a competitor.    Could just buy it – but first – is it available for free because they are using Amazon S3?

This is how you tell.  In a google search box type the likely name that it would be called – I usually just put the website name – the part before .com.  And then in the box type, press go.  If there is no security – Google search results will show a file or two from the account.  Just highlight the web address of the account, paste it into a browser and the the main page will open – and all the files will be available to download – just by copying the file onto the end of the url you are at.  Eg a file might bigexpensivesecretreport.pdf – just copy and past that onto the end:  and it will download.

Did you hear that everyone who has an S3 account for your cloud?  Try it.

I am NOT suggesting you wander around hacking/walking into peoples S3 accounts – I am saying to check your security if you use Amazon S3 for data storage or sharing.  If I have stumble across this – there are likely thousands of others who also know.

I have tested for a large number of accounts – and most have the doors open.  MP3, pdf, wav, mp4, doc – everything is public.

Just thought you should know.



New Business Coaching Townsville Website

Business Coaching Townsville New Site Test

Over the years I have done a lot of testing with SEO.  Recently I decided to test the rankings for very small niche sites to much larger sites.

So last week I created a little site with only a landing page, privacy page, terms and contact pages.  The only advantage this site has is a domain name that is close to matching the target niche name.  It is called Townsville Business Coaching.  Pretty creative ay?

According the Google Keyword search tool – there are 28 searches per month for the exact term “business coaching townsville”.  In a month or two I will create a sister site with the domain ‘’ – and compare the rankings with

Business Coaching Townsville SEO Challenge

The challenge was to create the site, with a “sales” page and video in less than 2 hours.  Some gentle SEO was to be done, and included in the 2 hours.  The site was not previously showing the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for that term – and today has shown up on the third page – interestingly it is the Contact page that appears.The first test is to use only a link from an already well placed site – ie this one.  It ranks number one for the term and appears repeatedly in the first few pages.  So – this link Business Coaching Townsville should have an amazing effect on the rankings over the next few days?  We shall see.  Search for Business Coaching Townsville in G and see what you find over the next few weeks.

Interestingly – the thing that took the longest was creating the video for the page.  I used a “scribe” tool that makes words, drawings or whatever appear as if being drawn live in the video.  I think it is very cool, and I am sure to find uses for it with my coaching clients.

I do enjoy messing with technology, and also doing the puzzle of getting ranked in Google – which is a moving target!

It will be interesting to then pit the exactly matching against the new site shortly.

Do have look at the page -and comment below.  Especially with what you think about the “scribe” style video – do you like it?  I think it has a use on TV – given the use of the “mute” button.


James Hooper

Business Coaching Townsville

James is a geek?

Business Coaching Townsville – Specialist In Recurring Revenue Business Models

Internet Marketing For Townsville Businesses Newsletter

Internet Marketing for Townsville Businesses

"Local" Business Marketing On The Internet

"Global" or "Niche" Business Marketing 

Internet Marketing for Townsville Businesses

Over the last few months I have been reviewing and testing various internet marketing techniques and processes for “local” businesses.

Most of the online presences of Townsville businesses have rather large gaps in them.

The most obvious is the failure to get their businesses properly registered on Google Places.  Of all the things that a Townsville business owner can do to get more value from the internet – and by this I mean actual new business leads – the free activity of  “claiming” your Google Places listing is the best bang for the buck.

It is FREE!

Townsville Google Places Listings For Townsville Business

Google Places is FREE!

One of the resources I am creating for Townsville Business is the Townsville Internet Marketing Newsletter.  The goal is to simply educate Townsville businesses about the direct and practical ways to get more value from the internet.

You only need to follow a simple process – and you can have basic listing up and running and giving you leads within a week or two.  You do not even need to have a website [but your results will be much better if you do.]

Right now – because most businesses have not claimed their listings – just claiming your listing will possibly make you appear on the first page of  Google for your search terms!

Internet Marketing Townsville Newsletter

It will help you take advantage of the huge wave of change that is sweeping through the way we do business.  When you subscribe [which is FREE at the moment] – you will receive a 27 page report that will guide you through the process of getting your Google Places listing.  (If not you – then your assistant, your wife, your teenage child, or anybody who can read and type at any speed.  It is not rocket science!

So go to Internet Marketing Townsville and join up to get the Google Places report that has step-by-step guides on what to do.  Obvious there are “expert” tips that are not in the guide – I can tell you about those after you have done the basics.

Why do you need “local” internet marketing”

Well – traditional marketing channels like Yellow Pages are getting smashed – they are still working -but less and less each month.  Read some of my previous articles here Townsville Yellow Pages Articles.


James Hooper

Ps – joining the newsletter list will also put on the list to be contacted about internet marketing for local business training.

Internet Marketing For Townsville Businesses

News – Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines

Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines Download (Be Fast?)

It is always interesting to watch the waves of hysteria that sweep across the web.

Right now – anyone with even a vague interest in SEO and web development is searching for a copy of the Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines that were supposedly “leaked” accidentally by Google recently.

It is a PDF 0f 125 pages which explains to a learner reviewer at Google how to “rate” a website.  And it does seem rather interesting reading.

I found – when I joined in the chase to find a copy before they disappeared [presumably removed by Google’s legal team] – that it is pretty interesting reading.  It gives examples of what it likes and does not like in a webpage.

Being a bit cautious – I am hesitant to say exactly where I found my copy – but as a clue – you might want to use Twitter as a search engine.    Search for something like:  “google search quality rating guidelines spre”.



Testing Pop-Over Video

Just testing a new toy that makes a video pop out when a mouse moves over a keyword.

Test keyword for video is [textAd1].  Hopefully a youtube video will load when you mouse over asthma.

Ok – video not working try audio.  [textAd2]


A secret tip to save you lots of time with video

Business and Learning Performance Tip

Watch video up to 5 times faster and save a ton of time…

If you are anything like me, you get to watch tons of video.  Whether it is a great, inspiring speaker, a tech guru of some kind sharing tips to increase sales, profits or traffic, or just something you want to watch and hear.

What if you could just move a slider along a scale and the video sped up, or slowed down.   Sometimes when it takes a while to get to the good bits – I can feel my time being wasted – and I let out a slightly frustrated “COME ON!  Get to the point!”

Well – now I found a good one.  It is made by Enounce and costs either about $30 or $99 depending on just how fast you want to go.  The free trial is for 7 days – and it wont take you that long to work out just how much time and frustration this software will save you.

I made a brief review video below.   The link is Click Here for fast video I am very happy with it so far, and will shortly upgrade to the faster software that goes 5 times faster.

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James Hooper

Business Coach Townsville

If you are in Australia – This is better than Amazon for books!

One of the key disciplines for success in business is reading books and listening to audio on a wide range of topics.

My local bookshops are ok – but usually the books that I want are not available locally and have to be ordered in.  And usually I can get the books as fast as they can – by going online and buying them.

It us usually Amazon that has benefited from this.  Now there is a new contender for my fairly substantial book purchases.  They are Australian, so it is way faster for delivery.  Their range seems enormous, and best of all – purchases over $49 are delivered FREE.  I usually spend in hundreds at Amazon.

Here is their banner – click to visit now and check it out:

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If the book you want is likely to be available your local bookstore – then support your local bookstore! If your business IS a local bookstore and this feels threatening to you – then it might be time to invite me over for a chat about your marketing strategies.