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Free Resources (Design) Make Your Content Creation Easier

Here are some FREE tools to make content creation easier if your are doing it yourself.  Obviously, your time is better spent on higher value tasks – and you do this content because you tell yourself you enjoy it or that only you can do it…  Or because you use it to avoid doing what would strategically 20x more valuable.  Because that is what we humans do.  But whatever you do – do it with aplomb.  (Yes that is a real word.)

I believe these tools are free to use, even for commercial use.

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This is a free image from Pexels.

Monday Morning Sermon 1 – What Food Never To Eat On Airplanes

In this article:

1.  What stops you from achieving your stated goals

2.  The only way you can actually fail to achieve once you have a reliable strategy and an action schedule

3.  A secret about airplane food selection that improves your communication skills.

So, just for fun I am changing the format of this website.  Look for differences over the next couple of weeks.  The themes to the changes – “People resist unwelcome attempts to persuade them”, “People cannot resist what they cannot detect”, and “People sometimes believe what they are told – but always believe what they conclude”.  These are borrowed from a master persuader Blair Warren.

There will be nothing sinister or damaging to anyone, and I will share the results with you when we finish stage one.  You will enjoy that.

Now – a simple quote from Jordon Belfort – the wolf of wall street:

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it”. 

The way I see it, with reference to whether you continuing to act in the direction of your goal or not, there are TWO STORIES in our heads.

First story is why you are doing the prescribed actions.  You know – why you are keeping on doing the steps needed.

Second story is why you “should” stop following the program.  You know – the “becauses”.  Stop because you are tired, you are not sure it will work anyway, it is raining/cold/hot, you found something more interesting or maybe works better, it is expensive, no one cares, you don’t think you can get to the end anyway, your friends are visiting, you have not seen results yet (after 3 days), etc etc.

So think of these stories as being on a see-saw.

When story one has the balance – you continue.  When story two in your head has enough weight – you stop.  This means as soon as your STOP story is good enough – you will give yourself permission to stop.

Business success planning

Keeping Going or Stop Stories

So – you want the single “secret” to goal achievement?  Providing your strategy is valid – there is only one way you can not reach your goal.  Are you ready – only three words.

“Don’t Freaking Stop!”

Alter your approach from “just keep going” to “don’t freaking stop!”  And the simple way to do that?

Are you ready?

Become aware of when you are creating the “Stop Story” in your head – and replace it with your “Goal Story (why you are doing it).  You know – you are lying in bed rehearsing the reasons for not going to the gym – STOP it.  Because as soon as the story you are rehearsing has enough weight – bye bye gym visit.

Maybe your goal is to learn to play the piano or learn Spanish.  The ONLY way you can fail to achieve this is to stop doing the lessons.   And we stop ONLY when the STOP STORY is good enough.

So – catch your mind doing rehearsals and brainstorming reasons to stop.  Thank it for helping – and focus, focus, focus on what you get after your goal is done.  Remember who is in charge here.

There you have it.

Next step – uncover some interesting goals.  If none come to mind – change your state.  Why?  Because values and beliefs are state dependent.  More on that in a future post.

Here is your choice – you can be not moving, and experience a life that is not mundane, uninspiring, declining (in your own eyes).  Or you can be in motion, and experience a life that is fulfilling, satisfying, exciting to the degree that you want.  When you are really old and about to snuff it – and your loved ones are around you – will you have to say “I stayed alive all this time”.

Or will you be able to say “I lived all this time.”  Will you be a lump of almost dead wood stump clinging on?  Or will you be a magnificent redwood who has grown and lived fully?

The difference is why we have goals.  Goals are the tools to get us in motion.  Once we are in motion, we grow.  At any time we are either growing or dying.  We get to choose how we use goals.  Choosing to not use them – is a choice.

To quote myself:  “If you don’t have a goal, you cannot have a plan.  If you do not have a plan, you WILL only be part of someone else’s plan – and you may not like it.”   It is your choice.

Here ends the sermon!

James Hooper

Ps – so what food should never be eaten on airplanes and has something to do with communication skills?  Look for the next post to discover it…





The Sex Food So Potent That Priests Were Forbidden To Eat It…

“The Sex Food So Potent That Priests Were Forbidden To Eat It…”

What is the common first step for every campaign for  getting your target market to read {or listen/watch} your message to them?

What is it that made you open this post after reading just the headline?

How will you feel if you never, ever find out what that potent food was?   If you have read this far – you most likely really want to know.  And I am going to tell you…

But first.

But first I am going to go off on a tangent, and open another “loop” in your head.  You will understand why soon – so just be patient and keep reading.

A noted physician says:
“You May Suffer From This SECRET SICKNESS That Makes Millions Of People Weak And Weary All Their Lives.”

Is there even just a little bit of “weak and weary” in your right now?  What would it mean if you could feel a little less weary?  Would you be willing to read just a little bit more – if you knew there was even a chance that this was even a little bit possible?

I will tell you shortly – what this secret sickness is – but first…

Best Selling Authors Know This…

Ok –  just tricking.  Two loops are sufficient for the purpose of this lesson.  And the reason it is important can be found in the enormous success of novels.  Especially the novels where you are taken through 2,3 or even more stories in parallel – this means that you hear the beginning of one story, then another, then another – then return to the first, then the second and so on.  Each story has building tension – and at the end the stories weave into a major climax – and you simply MUST keep reading.

There is too much pressure caused by the “open questions” in your brain – you are “hooked” – and readers of such novels love it.

If you have read this far – the most logical step is for you sign up to my newsletter using the box on the right.  Part of you is already hooked on the idea, and is already formulating undeniable reasons to do it right now.  In the newsletter and weekly tips will be the answers and solutions to the things you find most exciting  and most challenging in your business.

The part of you that is suspicious of signing up to things is TRYING to hold you back – because it believes it is helping you protect your time from distractions.   But you also know that even just one great idea can have a massive impact on your life, your business and put a ridiculously large, infectious smile on your face…

And the idea of adding some fun to your life – why not.

How many different persuasion techniques are used in this article?

Did you know that the main one [the loops/tension] is the basis of many books designed to teach men how to “pick up” women?


Your homework:

1.  Over the next few days – simply notice when a “loop” is opened in your head by someone’s marketing.  A question you would like the answer to.  Or you wonder just how they can do that.

2.  Sign up for my newsletter and “bite size” weekly marketing tips.  In a few years you will look back in wonder at the incredible amount of success that this condensed information has heaped on you.

Have a great day


Ps – sorry.  I considered making you wait for the food that was forbidden to Priests – or make you subscribe – but you already know the point of the “loop”.

The answer is onions.  Yep – in ancient Egypt – the priests were not allowed to eat onions for fear the increased sexual energy would distract them from their tasks.  [I eat onions every day!]

And – the “secret sickness” – sleep apnea.  I know a great deal about this from one of my previous businesses – and will put info in the newsletter as a resource box.  There are a number of fairly unknown but effective ways to improve your energy levels by improving your sleep [decreasing snoring and apnea events]

Best Sales Letter Ever? Will It Work For Your Townsville Business?

This sales letter produced sales for the Wall Street Journal for over 25 year.  What lessons does it have for you and your business?

Dear Reader:

On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same college.  they were very much alike, these two young men.  Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both – as young college graduates are – were filled with ambitious dreams for the the future.

Recently, these two men returned to college for their 25th reunion.

They were still very much alike.  Both were happily married.  Both had three children.  And both, it turned out, had gone to work for the same Midwestern manufacturing company after graduation, and were still there.

But there was a difference.  One of the men was manager of a small department of that company.  The other was its president.

What Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in people’s lives?  It isn’t always a native intelligence or talent or dedication.  It isn’t that one person wants success and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies is what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

That is why I am writing to you and to people like you about the Wall Street Journal.  For that is the whole purpose of The Journal:  To give its readers knowledge – knowledge they can use in their business.

Answer: Information = Success

So – have you signed up for the James Hooper Business Builder Letter?   It may be the one place you can get straight-up, useful, directly applicable right now information that is not “bollocks”.

Find it in the column on the right.
Then – plan to have a very rewarding day.
Ps – I have decided to take on up to 5 extra clients to my exclusive business coaching program in 2012.  It is for several reasons – but mostly that I have slipped into a comfort zone and need some extra stimulation for growth.  Yes – it is all about me.  And that is the purpose of your business – to provide you with those things that you consider important.
And the way that I see coaching is to ensure that you do the things that ensure that business gives you those things predictably.  My coaching is not for everyone, and I have a clear set of criteria for potential clients – because that is exactly one of the first lessons of having your business give you what you want.  But I don’t bite and I am happy to talk with people who want more life.

Townsville Business Coaching Townsville

Yellow Pages – A Still Powerful Dinosaur

Yellow Pages – Not Quite Dead Yet – And Can Still Help You Increase Your Business Profits..

In the Business Section of The Australian Newspaper of March 30th – is a simple little chart that shows exactly how Sensis [ie Yellow Pages] has been smashed by the internet.   The first chart shows the drop in Sensis revenue from almost 2 billion dollars in 2010 to predicted $700 million in 2011.  Ouch.

50% of Yellow Pages Search is Now Online

Then another little chart which is not mentioned in the text, probably put there by a bored editor:  It shows that in 2011, Sensis is predicting that the Monthly Unique Visits to their lists will be 50:50 digital to print.  ie one half of people using the Yellow Pages will be using the web to do it.  (And obviously the number of people using the print phone books is the other 50%)

In 2010, only 19.9% of the people visiting Yellow Pages used the web.  And 2009 was 17.5%.  Then BLAMMO, 50% of the claimed 120,000 unique visits are using the web.  Hmmm – that does sound like exponential growth.  If so – it will shorten the time to when the once all-powerful Yellow Pages goes the way of the floppy disk.

Sensis is rolling out a plan that bundles their print phone books with their online directory.  They believe this will appeal to the small to medium business owners who they believe do not want to mess around with their own web presence management.  Ie you buy some YP space in the book, and you get some bonus online listings.

Whether that strategy will work for Sensis – I don’t care.

Print Yellow Pages Can Still Be a Great Marketing Investment

My point today is that for the next year, and maybe for a year or two after that – the printed Yellow Pages WILL be the place that between 50% and 10% of the buyers of goods and services from businesses go.   It is still a great place to make get leads for your business.  In fact – as more businesses give up the YP Print too early – it may make it even more attractive as an advertising option.

And – you may find that your Yellow Pages rep will now negotiate, where before the price was fixed by the seller.  Yes – I am suggesting that you don’t pay full asking price for your next print YP advert – or at least demand size upgrades and bonus listings in other sections.  Just as you would with any other seller of advertising.  Sensis is no longer the 500 kg gorilla that did not have to  negotiate.

The side to this chart that shows the end of the era – is that 50% of what is called “local search” is now done on the internet.  So for your business – just having a Yellow Pages print advert – means you are missing half of the potential leads – unless you have a web presence.

And is the Sensis web presence worth more than having an optimised website (or ten sites)?  Frankly – no.  It is better than having nothing, and can help add a bit more to your internet marketing arsenal.  Would I swap having a website that is set for my keywords, supported by quality backlinks, and some basic SEO for a Yellow Pages Online listing?  Not a chance.

The New 500kg Gorilla

Yellow Pages Online is just one of dozens of online directories.  The new 500kg gorilla is Google.  Google gets the vast majority of online search – just list the Yellow Pages did 10 years ago.  So when your potential customers type what they want to buy eg “Townsville New Home Builders” or “Accountants in Townsville” – it is Google that decides if your business shows up on the results page.  (Not Sensis – although Sensis is working hard to do deals with G).

Here are some tips to get the most out of your advertising dollar

  • Advertise in the print Yellow Pages – but negotiate hard on price and bonuses.  Less competition for the still very large market share is worth.  BUT – you MUST measure your leads and calculate your ROI.
  • Yes – take the deal with the Online Yellow Pages – but compare the additional cost of this to paying a marketing oriented person to build you some web sites that rank for your keywords.  If you don’t know the search terms that people type into search engines that relate to your business – find out or go the way of the triceratops.  [It is simple].
  • Get your own web presence regardless of what you do with Yellow Pages online or print.  Figure it out yourself or pay for results in the search engines.
  • Get on Google Places and register your business.  It is free.  And Google now looks for geographic terms like “Townsville” when people search – and then puts LOCAL businesses near the top of the results page in the ‘places’ section.  It is the most valuable advertising real estate now – much like being the first or second full page Yellow Page Advert used to be – remember?
  • Youtube has nearly as much power as Google in terms of searches.  You need your web presence to include one or several Youtube “Channels”.  Videos these days are easy and cheap to make – and if you add value for your potential clients – you get rewarded with traffic.
  • Facebook users are heading over the billion mark in the next year.  Even if you don’t join the whole social media bandwagon – it is a great place to do do paid advertising.
  • You need to have a person check your stats to ensure your online presence is working.  This can be done easily using google analytics and webmaster tools.
  • And a final tip – use online press release services to increase the depth of your web presence.

The way to be productive with your web management is to get a plan and then apply it on a weekly basis.

Welcome again Post Yellow Pages Domination Era.

Have a great weekend

James Hooper

(Business Coach with a Special Interest in Local Search Marketing)

Marketing Townsville

Marketing Townsville

– Are You Wasting Your Yellow Pages Dollars?

Townsville Marketing - What is your Yellow Pages ROI?

There is a fundamental that is often missed in local business marketing..

We can use the Townsville Yellow Pages as an example because the YP bees are buzzing again.  Your rep will be calling – asking you to DECIDE your investment for the book to come out next year.

Here is the question:

When you invest in Yellow Pages Marketing Townsville, how many leads does it give you, and how much cash goes into your wallet because of that investment?

Is that a good question?

Note that it does ask how many times the phone rang with an enquiry [that would be your ‘response rate’].  It does not ask how many of those leads became customers [that would be your ‘conversion rate’ for that advert].  It does not ask what your gross profit for each sale produced from a lead from that advert.  Nor does it ask the average number of times a new customer from that advert will buy from you again.  Or if that new customer gives you any referrals (if you deserve them and have a system to collect them).  See my article on lifetime value.

It only asks  “how much money is that investment going to give you?”  Ie your “return on investment” or ROI.

And can you answer it?  Probably not for your Yellow Pages Marketing.  Because it goes for over a year – and you most likely don’t record the source of business for your new customers and analyse that data.  Probably.

When you buy an investment property the system is in place so that you know [even if only for your taxes,  what your net dollar return on your property is.   But you invest $30k in Yellow Pages – how much does that put in your pocket?

Are you still in “Business Kindy” if you don’t know?


James Hooper

Ps Business Marketing Townsville – Do You Want Some Help?  We will be announcing some Business Seminars shortly called “Marketing Townsville”.  Please join the Townsville Business Builders Letter List – in the right column to keep informed.

What You MUST Do Before Townsville Yellow Pages Comes Out In March..

Well here we are in Townsville waiting for the new edition of the Yellow Pages to be delivered in March.  For those of us who have a new test happening in the next edition – there is a very important task.

One of the key premises that makes marketing move from a pony-tail creative ad agency guess work to a simple, scientific, maths based process is measuring the source of your new leads.  It is tracking this data that is a key success factor for all levels of marketing.

So – in a nutshell – if you don’t have a very tight handle on where your leads have been coming from, how many there are, and the value and conversion of each – then the time between now and when the new Townsville Yellow Pages comes out is the perfect time!

For those of you that know me – you will know that I will always say that NOW is the perfect time to take the guesswork out of your marketing.  If you don’t know what is working – how can you multiply it?

Managing your marketing without measuring your lead sources is like trying to tune a car with the motor turned off..

So use this opportunity to compare the change [if any] when the Townsville Yellow Pages comes out.

Measure to manage everything.


James Hooper

Business Coach

Townsville Yellow Pages Closing Date is ….. Soon!

Closing date for Townsville Yellow Pages is Friday 4th December, and these are delivered in Townsville in March 2010.

If you would like a second opinion on the advert/s that you are going to hopefully make bundles of money from for a whole 12 months – then contact me about our YP Review Package.

This includes:

  • Full review of the Yellow Pages Advert – including Headline checks, bullet value, call to action, positioning, and so on.
  • Review of lead source determination script.
  • Rough drafting of changes that increase the probability of profitable success for your Yellow Pages Advert

Investment is $295.  How much difference would an increase in just 10% from your Townsville Yellow Pages advert make to your bottom line?

Call me on 0410 326 525 or email me.


James Hooper

The 5 Biggest (and often fatal) Mistakes in Townsville Yellow Pages Adverts

Yellow Pages Season Hits Townsville

Five Biggest Fatal Mistakes in Townsville Yellow Pages Ads

September is the start of the selling season for Townsville Yellow Pages .

In the lead up to the closing date your ‘Yellow’ rep will be buzzing you.

Pressure will start to build and decisions made about size, design and categories.

Townsville business owners know they must act, but most wait until the last 10 minutes.

Same as last year..

This means that many ads are left the ‘same as last year’ or changes are made without any guidance or clear thinking.

“97% of Yellow Pages are ‘duds’”.

Adults use the YP on average twice per week, and 88% of them intend to purchase.

20% of YP users want more information, which is why a website is so important.

Biggest YP Mistakes for Business Owners to Avoid

To help rushed business owners here are the James Hooper’s Five Biggest YP Mistakes to Avoid in Townsville Yellow Pages.

  1. Biggest error by far is not recording the number of calls and sales from your YP investment.  Unless you measure we can’t know if a change in the ad improved sales or not.
  2. Not having a headline or putting your business name as headline.   The single best way to increase sales is to have a headline that benefits your target.  This true even for small ads.
  3. Failing to plan the ad and letting the YP create your advert for you.   This leads to imitation of your competition..  YP is a major investment and can pay off massively.  Either learn the basics or pay a copywriter to do it for you.
  4. 42% of people will contact two or more businesses.  Mistake 4 is not having your receptionist trained for the incoming call.  Some simple scripts can double your YP returns.
  5. Final mistake is not increasing the size of ads that work and failing to place ads in multiple categories.

Yellow pages can and should be a gold mine if simple rules are followed.  Business owners can learn them easily or outsource the task.


James Hooper

Ps I have Yellow Pages Health Audit Package  designed to help business owners get full value from their YP investment.  From $295 per advert.

Call me on 07 4721 0525 or email me on