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The Trouble Is - You Actually Think You Have Time
To Distract Yourself In Doing Mathematically
Irrelevant Tasks & Activities...

As humans we are designed to resist using our mental energy.  We are designed to be addicted to being ENGAGED in activities that hold our attention.  This need for mental engagement is always there - lurking, seeking something to "lock onto."  

This is why we are so easily distracted.  Unless our current task is sufficiently engaging - we will lock onto almost anything to pull our attention away from that lack of mental engagement.  

The clock video above is stressful, is it not?  In just 12 seconds you found yourself looking for something more engaging.

In your business, your life, your health, your environment  you have lists of things you "need" to get done.  You may have done the exercise where you write down ALL the tasks in your life then proceed to TICK THEM OFF?

Your goal was to get everything important done.  This is the formula for frustration, overwork, under-performance and stress.  You can never win.  Your hidden addiction to being mentally engaged added to the never-ending nature of your lists means your list completion will stop when your mind wants better engagement.

If you are a business owner, here is a super frame to borrow:  

Your most important role is NOT to do things and do work.  It is to get systems built that get things done.  

Yeah sure, you say.  Systems - blah, blah, blah.  Heard it all before.  You started doing this before - maybe you read half of the E-Myth, or maybe the whole book.  And you put building systems on your list...

You stopped when your brain decided it wanted more engagement.  You probably even have some manuals, or some forms somewhere, maybe even partially used...  Or you put other items on top of your list...

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