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BREAKING NEWS:  "Eighty-Twenty" is Dead.  It has been drowned in the information flood of 2017.  The number of things on your must and should do list overwhelmed your schedule - and drowned it in unimportant detail.

This death opens the door for the fast-responders to reload their business and lives with the more strategic 90/10 and 95/5.  Others will need to learn to enjoy biting the dust after working harder, longer, and more desperately.

  • ​Learn the ONE simple question to ask yourself that will take you immediately to the most powerful action option for you.
  • Then learn to turn that question upside down to provide the most powerful incinerator for your problems.
  • Discover the difference between the super-star performers and the struggling also-rans.  That can apply right now to EVERY field of endeavor, immediately.
  • Dissolve your "To-Do" lists as you slice directly to your points of power.

Yes - you can read this whole page below - which is about systems.  It is still essential wisdom - but I wouldn't read it now.  Instead I would click here get instant access the video that will change your life forever.   Once you watch it, and your mind catches up with what it really means - you will be a different person.  You will understand the "Secret" that will give the "power-users" an unlimited future in this new 90/10 era.   It is a simple short video, by definition.

Ok - there is problem with the form - if you want to see this video - email me at james@seminar.com.au

If you don't choose to watch it - then get used to being at the wrong end of the pyramid of success.​  Maybe you already know all about it - but unless I already told you about it - I don't think that is the case.

​Here is the original article:

The One, Powerful Secret To Understanding How To Easily Use Systems To 10x And Simplify Your Business As Quickly As Humanly Possible…

On Monday last week I had a revelation.  And it was not about business coaching, but about the hidden key to ultimate business success.  You will get it as soon as you watch this video.

The Revelation was that 98.5% of business owners fail to see how simple systems actually are in a business.  And not only that – because of exposure to really bad advice from “gurus” or from their own earlier (failed) attempts at “systems”.

Most business owners believe without a doubt in their hearts that either:

1.  Systems will not work in my business, or

2.  It is not worth the effort – which is massive, expensive, and difficult.

The Revelation – the “Whack a Mole” game of business:

  • See your exciting and exhausting behaviour as you play as hard as you can
  • Notice how much intensity and attention is involved – like you on a great day at work – crushing it!
  • Observe how those little challenges you fix just keep coming back no matter how diligently you work.
  • Consider how tired, bored and depressed you would be if you played your business game this way daily for years and years
  • Look for the secret “strategy” that would allow you to win this game without effort, every single time!

You know this game. The “moles” pop up, and you bash them with a soft hammer as hard and fast as you can.  In some versions – as you better you get at whacking them – the faster and more unpredictable their appearances become – like a “REWARD” for doing well.

Watch Now How This Game Perfectly Matches YOUR Activity In Your Business

You may want to watch it a few times while the insights smash into your brain.  How much of your business life is “spent” intensely dealing with recurring tasks/problems/issues/dramas – YOUR “Moles”.  And notice that you “quickly smash them”, then move on.  You just know in the back of your mind that these moles WILL retur, and you will repeat your tasks.

Each time you deal with each one – there is an element of wonderful, adrenaline fueled excitement!   “YOU DA MAN/WOMAN!!”

Watch the video now.  How many “moles” are on this board?

Be ready to hit PAUSE as I have set it to repeat.  Because that is what happens in your business?

So – how many “mole holes” were there?

A quick count shows there are only FIVE mole holes.  Here is the “hidden” secret strategy to winning this game (business).

If you blocked over just ONE of the five mole holes – ideally the one that statistically delivers more moles for you to “whack” (you CAN count, right?) – then how much time and energy would you save when playing?  More than one fifth, right?  And would the game get easier with that one hole blocked?

Now, what if you blocked up another of the mole holes (after humanely dealing with the moles that lived in it)?

If you were able to determine the two most common moles – you may have REMOVED more than 50% of the recurring moles you deal with.  How much less effort would it take to play this Whack a Mole game in the two busiest holes are closed over?  It would be starting to get pretty unexciting, right?  No real energy required – a bit boring.  In an arcade this game would not be played much – too easy!

If the “points” you get in the game were dollars – would become a pretty nice earn?  But not very exciting.  I wonder how many times the guy in the video could play this game before he collapsed or just stopped because it became too hard?  (Consider the huge percentage of new business “failures”)

Maybe your business is like a marathon whack a mole festival.  You are so “busy” whacking moles that you do not have time to block over any holes.  

Let’s instead say that you have researching and thinking about the right place to begin and what to do first.  (Hint – this is about strategic business planning, which now makes more sense?)

There was a best selling book a decade or two back called “Stop the Insanity”.  It was a fat loss book – and it took about 130 pages to say that everything has a sequence, a process.  You want to alter you body shape – change the procedures that affect it.

If you want to want to kill off a mole or two (or just bend them to your will) – then just look at the processes that come before them.  Then just change the process so you get the result you want.

Let’s use a real life example.

In a client business, we recently discovered that two or more separate orders were going to a major supplier on a single day.  This was wasting a stack of cash in freight – because the supplier sent them “separately”.   The procedure before was to simply send the order every time they needed a component.  The new procedure – send the order ONCE per day near to but before 3pm.  This meant that extra items could be added to the order form (it was an actual order form!).  A calendar reminder went off at 2pm as a reminder.  This minimized the freight cost, and still ensured the order was received by the supplier before the daily cut off.

That was pretty straight forward, right?  Not rocket science?  Most procedures are that simple.  Some are not – and need the use of checklists, procedures, narratives (where you explain each step of a procedure fully so that anyone past Grade 6 can do it consistently.)  Sometimes it just takes writing down the stuff you do well, so that everyone knows does it the same way.

And some moles are not frequent enough to deserve any attention.

Your “strategic plan” identifies where you want to end up, makes a map of the biggest mole holes, and tags the holes to be blocked this quarter.

It might identify who will be responsible, and how they will do it (which is a tactic).  Anything you do regularly, or want to have happen is a “mole”.    My program allows you to get this all completed, and then fits onto a single A3 sheet of paper.  It has ALL the sections to give you full control.  Each quarter you have your “big mole holes” (I call them ‘rocks’) that is your focus for the period.  At the end we review, consider our overall objectives, consider any changes to the environment, select new action focus – and then go again.

One of your moles is strategic planning for your life and your business, right?  You know deep down that if you could just get organized, get everyone of the same page..

You CAN do this.  Waken gently to the fact that the moles control whack a mole – and you just react.   Being great at reacting is fine for a while – but just like in the video – it is hard work, then the same hard work again and again.

Go back now and review all the information above.  Watch the video again – and look for more meaning that relates back to your business.  Don’t over-complicate it.  You CAN make your business rock – and the first part is usually getting rid of the moles so you have energy and desire to spare.  Once that happens – you then get to play with multiplying it.

If you would like my help implementing a powerful Strategic Plan that gets you into a different business reality – use the CONTACT FORM and find out more.


James Hooper

Townsville Based Business Advisor & Coach

“Discover a local Townsville Business coaching program that produces predictable results.  You can have fast, orderly growth with help from Townsville Business Growth Advisor – James Hooper…”

Here is a fun video sample of one of ways James quickly builds a wide range of businesses:

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James Hooper has been helping Townsville business owners prosper for over 15 years by delivering both strategic advice to ensure that your business goals are both right for you and are realistic.

Once that is clear, James has the experience in real world business tactics to get the results you want.

Unlike many business coaches who have no real experience in business, James is able to draws on 40 years of street-fought, make-it-pay business experience that adds to the predictability of the campaigns you run to build your business.  This ranges from systems development to copy writing and price strategies.

Get Help From Broad Knowledge Base & Practical, Real-life Experience

In his coaching practice James has also avoided the pitfalls of becoming a specialist “niche” business coach who only deals with a narrow range of businesses.  This means that over the last decade he has worked with many different industries – and thus has the ability to “cross-pollinate” processes that work from other industries to yours.  Coaches who work with only one industry can tend to become blinded to the valuable tools found in other industries.

James invested 7 years with one of the biggest coaching franchises in the world before deciding to move into his own unique direction and style.  This means James has massive insight into the operations of successful franchises – which you can borrow and apply in your business.  Or, if you already are in a franchised business – how you can get the optimal value from it.

James’s clients regard him as the “go to guy”  in Townsville  due to the changes that they quickly find both in their businesses and in their lifestyles.  As your guide, James will guide you through his individualized program to get you the results that you want.

How To Get Started?

To find out the next step towards working with James, please use the form below.  Please be advised that while James is happy to talk with you about your business, you may only be able to be offered a place in his  group coaching program while waiting for a place on his individual roster.  [But don’t be concerned as this is also a great program!]

Have a strategically prosperous day,

James Hooper

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