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Townsville Business Coaching

“Discover a local Townsville Business coaching program that produces predictable results.  You can have fast, orderly growth with help from Townsville Business Growth Advisor - James Hooper…”

Here is a video sample of one of ways James quickly builds a wide range of businesses:

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James Hooper has been helping Townsville business owners prosper for over 12 years by delivering both strategic advice to ensure that your business goals are both right for you and are realistic.

Once that is clear, James has the experience in real world business tactics to get the results you want.

Unlike many business coaches who have no real experience in business, James is able to draw on 40 years of street-fought, make-it-pay business experience that adds to the predictability of the campaigns you run to build your business.  This ranges from systems development to copy writing and price strategies.

Business Coaching with a Broad Knowledge Base & Practical, Real-life Experience

In his business coaching James has also avoided the pitfalls of becoming a specialist “niche” business coach who only deals with a narrow range of businesses.  This means that over the last decade he has worked with many different industries – and thus has the ability to “cross-pollinate” processes that work from other industries to yours.  Coaches who work with only one industry can tend to become blinded to the valuable tools found in other industries.

James invested 7 years with one of the biggest business coaching franchises in the world before deciding to move into his own unique direction and style.  This means James has massive insight into the operations of successful franchises – which you can borrow and apply in your business.  Or, if you already are in a franchised business – how you can get the best value from it.

James’s clients regard him as the best business coach in Townsville  due to the changes that they quickly find both in their businesses and in their lifestyles.

As your business coach, James will guide you through his individualized program to get you the results that you want.

How To Get Started With Coaching?

To find out the next step towards working with James, please use the form below.  Please be advised that while James is happy to talk with you about your business, you may only be able to be offered a place in his  group coaching program while waiting for a place on his individual roster.  [But don't be concerned as this is also a great program!]

Have a purposely prosperous day,

James Hooper

Townsville Business Coaching


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Townsville Business Coaching

James Hooper

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