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This is Index Page Split Test Version 1a.  Congratulations.  You are seeing the first page.   There are 3 other pages. 

Hi, I'm James J Hooper.  Today - the simple lesson about A/B Split Testing.  Over time, this is one of the MOST powerful business growth tools.  And it is almost free to use.  But you don't, do you...

"Because you are not organized, or you may not even know about split tests.  If you have an existing business, with real leads, clients, invoices, and maybe even stock and a tax payment schedule - you can predictably triple your income with this principle."

So - you know this is one of three landing pages.  The other two are different.  My system measures what happens on these pages, and chooses the version with highest conversion rate (ie you click the button and try to get me to work with you.)  One of the three will be up to 12 times better. That will be my control.  I may test other pages against it, or move to testing other items.

YOU can do this with your website.  You can do it with a script.  You can do it with your pricing, the catalog, your proposal style - with anything that you can change.  But not everything - just the things that are important.

I am not going to tell you all the things you SHOULD be doing.  I don't have time, it would be boring.  But. 

If you want better results, and can do basic maths - split testing is one of your most powerful tools.

Pretend you know you marketing stats.  You get 100 leads to your website each week.  90% of the leave within 5 seconds.  (10 are left).  Your website has the basics in place - so 6 of these get a proposal (quote), and you convert this to 3 sales per week.  You average $1200 gross profit per sale.  (put your own numbers in this.)

We do some split tests on your website, and with the winning version of landing page - only 60% of the leads click away within 5 seconds.  (now 40 people stay on your website.  You get 24 leads to quote, and you convert half of them - which is 12 sales.   Umm.  That is 4X your previous.  

If you also work on split testing how you present (and follow-up) your quotes - your conversion rate might increase from 60% to 70%.  Your weekly sales is now 14 sales per week.  You need help to increase your production - I can also help with that.

Now if we also split test your pricing and bundling - you may also find an increase in your gross profit per sale.  You can do the maths on that.

But you don't have time to do this, do you?   Or maybe you are just sick and tired of business because it has been dragging you down for a decade.  I can help you draw a line over yesterday - and begin to bring control and excitement back to your business.  

If you want my help with making all this come together.  You have to ask me.  You can do that by clicking on the button below, answering the questions, and we will find out if your business is in the sweet spot for mine.  

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    You can do split testing by yourself.  This is NOT about making your marketing message better, we can do that too.
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    Do it yourself or maybe I can help you get it going.

This is not James Hooper.  I am older and have less hair.

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